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09-11-2012 until 10-12-2030
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DST forum rules and guidelines

These are the user guidelines for DST. While a few minor changes have been made, this is largely a compilation of guidelines previously posted in various forums.

Designers, please also see Designer Agreement.

  1. Please use a respectful tone. Itís acceptable to have a difference of opinion. It is not acceptable to present that opinion in a rude, hurtful or insulting tone. Please choose your words carefully. Make use of your smilies if need be!
  2. DST Staff will not delete posts from the forum unless absolutely necessary. If your post is deleted, you will be notified unless it is of an unsolicited (e.g. spam) or highly offensive nature. If you find your post was deleted without notification, please contact the admin.
  3. This is a very active forum and it is not possible for DST Staff members to read every post. If there is a post you feel needs our attention, we welcome you to use the Report Post feature (the red triangle on the top right of each post).
  4. Avatars may be up to 100 px high or wide. It is preferable that you host your avatars with your own photohost site (i.e. photobucket, tinypic, etc.).
  5. Please read through and follow our signature standard guidelines. Note that designers are required to have a signature with a store link.
  6. Content of posts, avatars and blinkies needs to be respectful. No nudity or sexual content.
  7. Remember that piracy (file sharing) is illegal. DST has a no-tolerance stance against piracy.
    • * Do not post links to sharing sites. If you find such sites, you can mention it, list the designers whose products you saw shared, and invite people to PM you to get the links.
  8. While the owners and staff will work to ensure that DigiShopTalk.com is run with integrity and honesty, DST is not legally liable for the content of posts made by its members or users.
DST's Response to Rule Violations
  1. The following actions will be taken if a member personally attacks another member or group of members in a post:
    • Any posts containing rude comments or personal attacks will be deleted and any quotations of that post edited. The poster of the deleted comment will be PMed with a warning that states this policy and procedure.
    • If the poster continues to post in this unacceptable manner, the additional posts will be deleted and the member will receive a 1 week ban from DST.
    • If a thread gets out of hand due to multiple posters using an unacceptable tone, the thread will be closed.
    • Personal attacks can include but are not limited to: name-calling, direct personal criticism, insults, derogatory comments, etc.
  2. Inappropriate or vulgar posts, signatures or images will be deleted immediately by DST staff.
  3. Talk about piracy is a delicate issue and could affect the reputation of honest people. Any post found to contain accusations of piracy (file sharing) or links to pirated materials will be either edited or deleted by DST staff members.
  4. Similarly, issues of copyright and trademark infringement are challenging. DST reserves the right to edit posts that include accusations by one member of another or delete posts that clearly infringe on copyrights/trademarks. Members should report copyrighted materials using the "report button" (the red triangle above each post) rather than posting in the forum. DST will investigate reports of copyright or trademark infringement, but generally is not able to act unless the copyright or trademark holder contacts DST OR proof is provided that illustrates the infringement without a shadow of a doubt.
Community Forums

Introductions - This forum is for for new members to say hello and introduce themselves and for current members to greet them.

Scrap Talk - Please make sure that you are posting your topics in the proper section. Though this forum is for general, non-commercial scrapbook topics, not everything belongs in Scrap Talk. DST staff will move posts from Scrap Talk to the more proper forum whenever necessary. Please familiarize yourself with all of the forums and utilize them. Please help us keep this board functioning in the most efficient and organized way possible.

NSBR Chatter
This forum can be used by any member to discuss any non-scrapbook-related (NSBR) topic or question.
As in every forum, the general forum rules apply.

The Happy Place
  1. The Happy Place is a forum for simple giveaways conducted here at DST.
  2. Your post may ONLY include:
    • One 600x600 image of the giveaway product
    • One description of the giveaway product
    • The number of winners to be selected
    • The deadline for entry
    • A request for the user to add their name, a comment or answer to a simple question.
  3. Your post must NOT direct members outside of DigiShopTalk.com for participation, but you MAY link your product image to the product itself.
  4. Your image must NOT include any information that violates rule #2 or #3.
  5. DST staff will edit/delete/move threads as warranted for compliance and notify you by PM of any changes.
Digi Shop Talk Information

DigiShopTalk.com News & Questions
  1. This forum is reserved for DST-related announcements and member questions.
  2. It is not a place for general chitchat or announcements of a personal or commercial nature.
Scrap Resources - All forums within this area are accessible for members to read and reply, but not necessarily to create new threads. Each section might also have some specific guidelines for posting so please read those carefully before posting.

What's New from our Sponsors
  1. You may post here only if you are the specific person who has paid for advertising in the Insider or have purchased banner ad space.
  2. If a store has purchased the advertising, individual designers may not post in this section unless they too have purchased advertising.
  3. Members are encouraged to browse this section to support our sponsors.
New Digital Products
  1. You must be a member of the Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum AND have a paid subscription to the Product Gallery to post new threads in the New Digital Products forum.
  2. Please see the Designer Agreement for the latest posting guidelines.
  3. Posts that do not follow the guidelines will be either edited, merged or deleted by the staff.
Digital Site & Designer Announcements
  1. Current membership in the Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum is required prior to posting new threads in the Digital Site & Designer Announcements Forum.
  2. Please see the Designer Agreement for the latest posting guidelines.
  3. Posts that do not follow the guidelines will be either edited, merged or deleted by the staff.
Scrapping 4 Others/Hire - This forum is for any member to discuss the business of scrapbooking for others.

Software Specifics - This forum is for any member to ask questions or share links to information about software used in digital scrapbooking.

Photography - This forum is for any member to discuss photography equipment, skills/techniques or photo editing.

Scrapper to Scrapper
  1. This forum is for non-designers or aspiring designers to post their FREE goodies. This is not a section for giveaways.
  2. CT members can post freebies in this section if they are not DST Design Members, and if their freebie is not directly promoting a particular designer's product.
  3. Posts that do not follow the guidelines will be edited, deleted or moved to the correct section by the staff.
  4. Please do not post more than one thread per day in this section.
  1. This forum is for designers and stores (or their representatives) to post calls for CT members, new designers or any other digital scrapbooking industry positions.
  2. Members may post their availability to provide services for designers or stores in the stickied "reverse call" thread.
  3. This forum is also for calls for writers, layouts for publication or the availability of advertising.
DST Conference Center

Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum
  1. This forum is reserved for members of the digital scrapbooking industry who are actively selling their products, teaching, or owning stores or sites.
  2. To gain free access to this forum, please submit a help ticket and include a link to your scrapbooking shop or site.
  3. Designers, please see the Designer Agreement for the latest posting guidelines.
  1. We ask that the gallery only be used for digital scrapbook pages or altered items using digital-scrapbook products. Please do not upload product or prize previews.
  2. All uploads must be in jpg or jpeg format, no larger than 600px high and wide.
  3. Each user is allowed a maximum of 5 uploads per 24-hour period. This is to prevent flooding the gallery.
  4. Only Featured Designers may post kit previews in the Featured Designer Exclusive Kit subcategory.
  5. Any DST Gold or Diamond Member may post their layout in the Gold Member Kit Layouts subcategory as long as the majority of the layout is using the Gold Member kit.
  6. We do not allow nudity posted in the gallery or the forum. Specifically, all genitalia, nipples and butts must be covered.
  7. For the safety of your children, please consider blurring out any naked breasts or tushies that you might scrap.
  8. We encourage you to leave praise for anyone who posts praise to one of your layouts.
  9. Leave as much praise as you can and appreciate all the praise you get!
  10. Do not post layouts that would represent a copyright or trademark infringement.
  11. The DST staff will attempt to notify you of a violation and reserves the right to delete any non-compliant images.
  1. This gallery is reserved for designers with a paid subscription to post product previews.
  2. Designers, please see the Designer Agreement for the latest posting guidelines.
  1. Please use a respectful tone at all times.
  2. Please do not discuss crude topics.
  3. Chat Host - If you have a busy chat, please type in caps.
  4. Chatters - Please do not use caps during chat so that the Chat Host can stand out.
  5. Please be respectful of the purpose of the chat. If the chat is intended to promote a new product line, please refrain from promoting other products by other designers.
  6. Please follow the direction and requests of the Chat Host at all times.
  7. Please be aware that chat transcripts are available to the administrators at all times. Chat transcripts do include private messages.
  8. Disciplinary actions may be taken in the event of inappropriate behavior in the chat room.
These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the DigiShopTalk.com administration.

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