View Full Version : Double Your Rewards at DSW!

06-27-2008, 11:03 AM
Hey everyone,

DigiScrapWarehouse (http://www.digiscrapwarehouse.com/xcart) is doubling your reward points until the end of the month! :yahoo Earn 2 points for each $1 you spend in the store. And since 10 points equals $1.00 in store rewards, earning 2 points is like getting 20% off your purchase toward your next purchase of commercial use/scrap for hire products from DigiScrapWarehouse.

This makes it an even better time to pick up our all commercial use mega kit for the month of June.

http://digiscrapwarehouse.com/xcart/images/cache/aadef88e84d108ad568d70c122a25226.jpg (http://digiscrapwarehouse.com/xcart/commercial-use-product/digiscrapwarehouse_june_2008_collaboration_commerc ial_use_kit.html)

June 2008 Mega Collaboration Kit Commercial Use (http://digiscrapwarehouse.com/xcart/commercial-use-product/digiscrapwarehouse_june_2008_collaboration_commerc ial_use_kit.html)

Or choose from over 3400 other commercial use and scrap for hire products we have in stock. There is something here for everyone!

Have fun!