View Full Version : Everything $1 each for 1 week!

07-02-2009, 01:13 PM
OK everyone so my impatience has gone in your favour yet again! LOL! I have already set all the prices in my store (http://divinedigital.com/boutique/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=268)at $1 each item (except the freebies of course!) and that's for a whole week whilst I'm away on holiday.

However, if you want to get everything for 50c each why not 'Buy My Store' (http://divinedigital.com/boutique/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=268)at $9.99 but hurry as this is only available until the 11th July and the coupon code you'll get in return gives you 100% off my whole store (http://divinedigital.com/boutique/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=268)but it is only good for ONE USE ONLY! and only until the 11th July!

Anyhoo do have fun whilst I am away and don't forget to come back for all the Christmas in July Goodies when I return.