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BH Designs
11-23-2006, 09:41 PM
I've been so busy in the last few months, and in October, I flew to Australia to be my sister's birthing partner when she had her 2nd baby,, I'm back now, and determined to be more organised and divide my time better so I can participate more here,, for anyone who wants to know,, here's a brief run down of my holiday and the birth,, not too gory, I promise,, get some tissues ready but!

I arrived in OZ at 5.30 am on Saturday morning,, (14/10) and it was very emotional,, Donna and I fell into each others arms,, and cried,, I hadn't seen Jay since he was 8 months old,, and he was almost 2 now,, (just a few days to go). I asked him for a kiss,, and he said no,, I asked for a cuddle,, and he said no,, so I said OK,, that's cool.

Later on, back at the house I asked again and got no again,, so I asked him if I could give him a lipstick kiss,, he was intrigued by this and said yes through curiosity! I put some more lippy on and gave him a bi gsmacker on the back of his hand and he was most impressed!
This became our 'thing',, every morning he would come looking for me shouting Aunt B,, Aunt B,, lipstick kiss,, and he gave them to me as well,, hehe,, (watch for a LO soon)

On the Monday night, I was so whacked and told Donna I was off for an early night,, she went for a shower and then came into the room and said she didn't think I was gonna get that early night as her contreactions had started in the shower,, so I started timing her and they were 4 minutes apart,, when they got to 2,, I phoned the midwife and they said to take her in,, things were quite slow when we got there,, the contractions slowed to 4 mins again and they said she could go home if she wanted,, but she said no,, the baby was gonna be born that night,, lol

By 4am I was falling asleep on my feet,, and things were starting to move a little,, her waters broke at 5am,, and then little Sam was born at 6.03 am,, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,, I felt such a rush of love and protectiveness for him,, you would have thought he was mine!

He weighed 8 lb 9 oz,, and was 52cm long,, brown eyes and brown hair,,
The first couple of weeks after he was born, we didn't do too much,,just the odd trip to the shops or park with Jay,, I even took Jay out on my own a couple of times,, and we had fun. He's a truly delightful little boy and everywhere you go with him, people chat to you and make friends with you,, he has such a winning smile.

The third week we went out to a couple of places,, Maldon, Tarrangower and Castlemaine,, just soaking up scenery and taking lots of photos,, the 4th week, we went to Apollo Bay and I finally got to see The Twelve Apostles,, apart from seeing Sam born,, this was the one other thing I really wanted to do this trip. And it was almost as breathtakingly awesome. We drove up the Great Ocean Road,, from Geelong to Port Campbell. The Saturday night we all went out for tea to celebrate a friends birthday and then on the Sunday we went to another friends house for a barbie.

We planned to visit Melbourne Zoo in the last week but Sam got gastro on the Monday and just wasn't himself at all,, we took him to the docs,, and got him some stuff to stop him getting dehydrated,, and he was feeling better by Wednesday,, after that it was a blur of visitors calling to say bye to me,,

I have to share this though,, on the Thursday night,, Jay came into my bedroom and we had lipstick kisses,, he also kept taking the tops of my perfume and smelling it,, so I sprayed some of my perfume on a tissue and I held him tight on my knee and said if he ever felt sad or lonely he could get the tissue out and he would be able to smell his Aunt B,, and he would feel me close to him,, he put his arms around me and patted me gently on my back while I sobbed and told him how much I loved him and would miss him and then we hid the tissue in his drawer.

Donna and I talked on the phone after I got home and she said Jay had been to the bedroom looking for me,, and he said,, Aunt B, gone, jet plane,, and then he got the tissue out of the drawer,, smelled it,, and then put it back carefully under his jumpers. I sobbed so much when she told me that. I love those two little guys so much,, my heart is breaking at the thought of how much I am missing out on them growing up.