View Full Version : { Mommyish } - New CU Styles & Textures!

07-15-2011, 08:08 AM
What's new with Mommyish this week?

Just out is a new style set that is fantastic for making anything look super glossy and fun!

http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/images/P/mommyish_cu_stylin13.jpg (http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/CU-Stylin-13-Glossy-Epoxy/)

Also out this week are two new texture packs! Textured #2 is a Free Gift With Purchase at SugarHillCo when you spent at least 5 dollars in store!

http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/images/P/mommyish_cu_textured2.jpg (http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/CU-Textured-2/)

http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/images/P/mommyish_cu_textured3.jpg (http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/CU-Textured-3/)