View Full Version : New Kit ("Pinwheel"), FREE Alpha, and a Matching FB "Fan Freebie"

07-22-2011, 06:04 AM
Need a playful, outdoorsy kit with which to scrap your spring/summer photos? I just released a new kit at both The Digichick (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Wishing-Well-Creations) and DigiScrapWishingWell.com (http://www.digiscrapwishingwell.com/shop), and it's chock-full of a whopping 25 papers and loads of matching elements to help you easily document your happy outdoor moments. It's also a great kit for everyday use if you've got kids (particularly boys, which my house is full of!) -- with lots of basic, non-themed papers and elements, so it can be used again and again for all sorts of projects.

Here's a look at the full kit (25 papers, 33 elements, & 1 full alpha):
http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/images/D/WWC__Pinwheel-Kit_LRG.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pinwheel-Kit.html)

...a closer look at the paper (25 - 12"x12" sheets; 15 patterned, 10 solids):
http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/images/D/WWC__Pinwheel-Paper_LRG.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pinwheel-Paper.html)

...and the solids (included in the kit, but not shown in any other previews):
http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/images/D/WWC__Pinwheel-SolidPaper_LRG.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pinwheel-Paper.html)

...and the elements (33 elements + 1 full brushed metal alpha):
http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/images/D/WWC__Pinwheel-Elements_LRG.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pinwheel-Elements.html)

There's also an Add-On Alpha (separate from the kit, but you get it FREE if you buy the full kit between now and 7/31/2011):
http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/images/D/WWC__Pinwheel-AddOnAlpha_LRG.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/Pinwheel-Add-On-Alpha.html)

Not only is the Add-On Alpha available for FREE with purchase of the full kit (thru 7/31/2011)... but the entire collection is on sale 20% OFF through the end of the day today (7/22).

Additionally, there's a FREE ADD-ON PACK available (http://www.facebook.com/wishingwellcreations) for all of my Facebook Followers on the Wishing Well Creations Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/wishingwellcreations)... and there just might be an additional coupon included inside the download *hint hint*... ;)
http://digiscrapwishingwell.com/wishingwellcreations/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/MYTAB-image__Pinwheel__AddOn__FREEBIE.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/wishingwellcreations)

Hope you all have a great weekend! ...and for those of you in the USA/Canada who are experiencing the current heat wave, here's hoping you're doing something fun and interesting to beat the heat. Stay cool and HYDRATE! ;)

Ellie Lash (That Girl)
07-22-2011, 12:21 PM
Beautiful kit, Laura! I love the colors and that alpha is adorable!

07-22-2011, 04:58 PM
Beautiful kit, Laura! I love the colors and that alpha is adorable!

aww thanks, Ellie! :) you're good for my soul...