View Full Version : New CU Steampunk Creations The Gears 1 and 2-Last 2 Sale Days

Barb Speck
07-24-2011, 07:11 AM

I am fascinated with gears and love putting gears in my altered creations and in my digital Steampunk Creations so here is my first set of Steampunk Creations The Gears. Use them in your own vintage and steampunk creations or add your own items to the gears!! This gears in this first kit are made of a dark brown textured metal. This kit is on sale at both Digitals and DigiScrapWarehouse. My 40% sale at both stores end tomorrow.



Here is the second set of Steampunk Creations The Gears. This is also on sale at my stores.



Hooked on You has been a favorite kit of many and so I decided to go ahead and make some Hooked on You Shapes, Pngs and Free Brush.abr Use styles, actions etc on these and add them to your designs. Hooks are great to hang things on!! Watch for my DigiScrapWarehouse sale on Friday and my Christmas in July Sale at Digitals for 3 more days!!



Maybe this is just a fluke but I haven't designed more then one kit on any given day in months and months and now I have 4 new kits out on the market. These new kits are on sale at both Digitals and DigiScrapWarehouse.

The 8th day of the Digitals Christmas in July is tomorrow. I still have all the links up on my Blog and will keep them there for a couple extra days if you didn't get a chance to grab my Hanukkah in July Album!!


In a quick look at my CU TOU you will find that you can use these items in your kits as long as they are ALTERED. Recoloring is not considered an alteration. Add to your own elements or add your own elements to my elements. Commercial Use Freebies are not allowed but Personal Use Freebies are fine. You may not make brushes or shapes from my designs. S4H may not make Ploppers for Sale. Designers may make Quick Pages as long as they are flattened jpgs.

Thank you for adhering to my Terms. My TOUs also contain a list of possible commercial use resources I have used and altered as part of my designs and other companies that I have received permission from to use their resources in my designs. Copyrights belong to the original designer or resource owner.