View Full Version : Bit of a shopping spree this weekend

07-17-2006, 07:04 AM
Ok.. went a bit crazy.. well crazy for me. i finally broke down and got gina millers bullitin board kit with all the addons, also her Andy collection. Merideth Fenwick and Kim Christensen His CD, a few things from Michelle Underwood, then of course i had to go back this morning and get the RAD CD collection.

My husband is going to have a fit when he sees the statement..lol..


07-17-2006, 07:55 AM
I hide our statements ;) My turn to shop on the 26th (payday just never comes soon enough). I seriously want Misty Mareda's Noah papers and elements, Jen Wilson's Baja collection and of course Kim's fabby RAD! CD, but there are more than that, I just can't remember them all at the moment heheh...

One question though, if anyone happens to live outside the US is it still possible to order the CDs or should I just go with the download version? I think I might just do the download for the RAD! kits after waiting so long but it'd be nice to know about it for future reference :D

07-17-2006, 07:58 AM
I asked this before over another CD collection. And SBB said that they would be able to post for me to England. I just cant wait that long!! I want instant D/L.. lol

07-17-2006, 10:55 AM
Ohh that's definately handy to know though, but yeah the RAD collection is one I have been waiting for desperately due to those teasers of Kim's on her blog, I just don't know if I could wait for it to be posted to me lol.