View Full Version : NSBR - Heroes on NBC

07-19-2006, 11:40 AM
Okay, this new show looks wicked cool - sorta like Lost but different...something to grab ya? Hmmm, you can see the trailer for the new show on NBC here.


07-19-2006, 11:41 AM
Oh..that does look interesting!

07-19-2006, 11:43 AM
I couldn't watch it for some reason, but I have seen a few previews. I can't wait until it starts, it looks VERY interesting. I first saw the one where that girl jumps off that bridge thing! I was seriously like "holy crap" and then she just stood up...ooooooooooh weird!

07-19-2006, 12:13 PM
Ooooh, that looks really good!

07-19-2006, 12:27 PM
Oooh, I am so in for that one! That looks addictive!

07-19-2006, 12:30 PM
I am going to watch it. I just hope I don't get hooked and they cancel it, like the did Surface. I LOVED that show! :cry:

Marcie Reckinger
07-19-2006, 03:48 PM
It looks interesting I'm going to check this one out for sure.