View Full Version : NSBR: America's Got Talent show

07-19-2006, 05:29 PM
Ok, I HAVE to get this out. I will most likely blog about it tomorrow but have to get this out now, lol.
Anybody been watching this show? I do NOT like Brandy at ALL!!! She dislikes any girl/woman her age that does ANYTHING that may be better than her!! One of the first shows there was this old icky male stipper guy that was so icky and all he did was cover himself in glitter and shake his toosh and rub his chest with a glow stick and she LOVED him!! Then, another stipper came on, it was a girl and she HATED it even though she was WAY better than the old guy!!!
Now tonight, she just told these 3 girls who sang very well that they didn't have any chemestry and they shouldn't be wearing the outfits they had on!! Now, I think maybe the outfits were a little bit too revealing, but it's not like they were wearing them to school! They were on stage doing a show!!! UGG! I do NOT like Brandy!!! She's a TERRIBLE judge!!!!

Ok, I feel better now, lol.