View Full Version : 40% off my stuff - LAST DAY!!

10-07-2007, 08:02 AM
Well this week has been fantastic, but all good things must come to an end. Today is that LAST DAY of my 40% off sale so hurry and snag those last few things you've been waiting for! (the sale ends at midnight PST - the discount will show in your cart!)

http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z26/lynnie_kravitz/birthday_ad.jpg (http://www.blueflombingo.com)

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I have SO MANY new products this week. I also have ONE MORE gift card to give out - so if you're lucky order number 5777, you will win a $25 gift card to my store!!!

Here are some of the new products you just have to check out!

http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/prodimages/kfredricks_brown_chubs_preview.jpg (http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=AP_brown_chubs_kfredricks)

http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/prodimages/kfredricks_cream_chubs_preview.jpg (http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=AP_cream_chubs_kfredricks)

And this is the biggest seller so far for the sale:

http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/prodimages/kfredricks_rain_preview.jpg (http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=PK_september_rain_kfredricks)

These little stitches are so realistic and will work with any style of layout!

http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/prodimages/kfredricks_stitching_preview.jpg (http://www.blueflombingo.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=EP_thats_tacky_kfredricks)

But there's tons more!