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Gallery Rules and Recommendations
  1. We ask that the gallery only be used for digital scrapbook pages or altered items using digital-scrapbook products. Please do not upload product or prize previews. This includes posting product preview images in the credits. You may, however, provide a link in your layout description to the products that you used.
  2. All uploads must be in jpg or jpeg format, no larger than 600px high and wide and no larger than 150K.
  3. Each user is allowed a maximum of 5 uploads per 24-hour period. This is to prevent flooding the gallery or crashing the server.
  4. Only Featured Designers may post kit previews in the Featured Designer Exclusive Kit subcategory.
  5. Any DST Gold Member may post their layout in the Exclusive Kit Layouts subcategory as long as the majority of the layout is using the Featured Designer's kit.
  6. For the safety of your children, please consider blurring out any naked tushies that you might scrap.
  7. We encourage you to leave praise for anyone who posts praise to one of your layouts.
  8. Leave as much praise as you can and appreciate all the praise you get!

Why can't I post in the gallery?
If you are having problems posting, please check the following things:
  • You are registered at DigiShopTalk and you are logged in to your account. If you are logged in, you will see "Welcome your-user-name" at the top of the gallery.
  • If you have at least 5 posts. You need to have at least 5 posts or replies to gain access to the gallery upload function.
  • Check how many files you have attempted to upload in the past day. We have a maximum of 5 attempts per 24 hour period. If you have reached this limit, you will not be able to start another upload until 24 hours after the first upload attempt.
  • Ensure the layout you are trying to upload is sized no larger than 600px wide or tall and is less than 150kb. We recommend using the "Save for Web" feature in many graphic editors to reduce your file to these specifications.
  • Ensure your file name is not too long, doesn't contain any characters (hypens and underscores are acceptable) and ends with an accepted file type such as JPG or GIF.
  • If you have a long credits list, try leaving the description field blank on the first screen and entering it on the page where you confirm your upload. A large file in combination with a long description can sometimes time out during upload.
  • In extreme circumstances, your account may have been blocked from posting. You will be advised by a DST Staff member prior to this taking affect unless your previous posts are of an unsolicited (spam) nature.

Why aren't all of my layouts showing in my gallery?
Due to the size of the gallery here, we archive all layouts on a monthly basis. At the bottom of your gallery, there should be a link to "Show all photos by your-user-name" - click this link and you will be able to see your archived layouts.

How do I get more gallery praise?
Participate in the daily praise games (see FAQ below) and also give praise! We encourage our members to give praise when it is received so the more you give, the more you are likely to receive in return.

What is the praise game and how do I join?
The praise game is a thread that is started every day in the Chatter forum. The object is to give and receive praise and encourage our members to view many great layouts they may have missed that day. To join, you need to post a link to your layout in that day's thread and then leave a comment for the person who posted above you. Many people leave comments for everyone who posted one the same page as them.

The praise game is started at approximately 9am EST weekdays and earlier on the weekends. There may be a second game posted at approximately 9pm EST, depending how large the game gets throughout the day. There is only ever one thread on the weekend (including Friday) games.