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What is your policy on piracy?
From this point forward, any designer who has been proven to illegally share files will lose their access to the DCR for a minimum of one year. If, after one year, the designer is still designing and would like to re-apply for access to the DCR, we will review the request and make a decision at that time. From this point forward, if Designer A suspects that Designer B has used their non-commercial use product to create and sell in their shop, Designer A must contact the owner of the store where Designer B sells. If that store owner determines that Designer B has in fact illegally used Designer A's product, then they must notify us and we will remove Designer B's DCR access for one year. If, after one year, the designer is still designing and would like to re-apply for access to the DCR, we will review the request and make a decision at that time. Accusations of copying a designer's idea will not be cause for removal of the DCR. From this point forward, any scrapper who has been proven to share illegal files will lose access to DST for 1 month. If, after one month, the scrapper would like to continue accessing the forum and gallery at DST, they may email a request to have their account opened. We will review the request and make a decision at that time. We strongly feel that there should be consequence to committing the act of piracy. We feel that removing access to the privileged areas of DST is an acceptable consequence. Designers caught file-sharing should not be allowed the benefits of advertising at DST or networking in the DCR forum. Scrappers who are caught file-sharing should not be allowed to enter any contests or giveaways that occur in The Happy Place. We reserve the right to implement the VBulletin Infractions Tool at any time and may apply an infraction to the account upon return. We also strongly feel that reformation and redemption are possible. However likely depends on each individual person and this is why all re-applications for the DCR will only be guaranteed a review, not necessarily an admission. A second infraction will result in a permanent ban from DST. We understand that the digital community has strong feelings on the subject of piracy. There will always be people who will want to show mercy to the repentant and there are those who will have a no mercy/no forgiveness state of mind. We understand all feelings leading up to either of these opinions. However we have to make the decision that we feel is most fair as it pertains to our site and our community as a whole. Please respect our position and accept any ruling that we decide to make.

How can I help to promote DST?
You can help us get the word out about DST! Post these banners and blinkies on your websites, blogs and siggies where it doesn't violate TOU! Please do not hotlink these images - right click and save to your computer, then upload to your own photohost (like photobucket or tinypic).




(Banners created by leah81 with phrasing by GinaMiller)

Blinkie created by GinaMiller

Blinkie created by leah81

Blinkie created by Andrea C.

Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Can I change my user name at DST?
You cannot do this yourself but we are able to do this for you at any time. Please open a new support ticket with the following information:
  • Current user name
  • New user name requested
  • Email address
Please note that we may not be able to change your user name if you request an inappropriate name or one that is already in use. You will be informed if this is the case and can request an alternative choice.

How do I become a DST Member?
It is not required to be a paid member to participate at DST, you may simply register an account and start posting (subject to our acceptable content guidelines) immediately. A DST Paid Membership is a way for you to help support DigiShopTalk.com. There are two levels of paid membership, Gold (yearly) and Diamond (lifetime) Membership. Diamond members receive all the benefits of Gold membership in addition to access to download any kit in the Exclusive DST Kit archive. Gold Membership is available for purchase at any time and Diamond Membership is only available during exclusive promotions. Gold Members can upgrade to Diamond Membership during these promotions. The next diamond promotion is scheduled for August 2007.

To become a DST Gold or Diamond Member, login to your account and go to your User Control Panel. Select Paid Subscriptions where you will be able to create your Membership subscription and send payment via Paypal. Subscriptions will be processed automatically and you will receive access to our Gold (or Diamond, if membership is available) Member Downloads to download the current month's kit.

Please see our Membership Benefits page for further information.

How do I download the newsletter and gold kit?
Login to your DST account and then click Downloads in the top menu bar. You will have a list of the items available for you to download - the list will vary depending on your membership type. To download, click the Download link and select the Save option. Do not right click and attempt to Save Target as this may corrupt your download.

Please note that you only have five attempts at each download. If your first attempt fails, we recommend trying again later as the most common reason for a failed download is too many people trying to download at once.

How can I announce my baby/wedding in the DST Insider?
We love to hear about the exciting family news of our community members and we welcome you to share it with your fellow digi-scrappers! If you would like to submit your announcement, please review the following:
  • Announcements must be scrapped! Please make sure you send us your layout or announcement sized no larger than 150KB, 600 pixels high or wide.
  • Announcement must be uploaded to the DST Layout Gallery with proper credits of the products that you used to create it.
  • Announcements must be submitted by the parent or grandparent of the baby or the bride, groom or parent of the bride/groom. Person submitting the layout must be a DST user.
  • Birth or wedding must have occurred within the last 90 days.
  • Announcement (along with link to where it is hosted in the gallery) should be submitted no later than the 20th of the month to appear in the next edition of the DST Insider. Please email announcements to shannon@digishoptalk.com.