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Forum Rules and Recommendations
General Forum Rules
  1. Please use a respectful tone. Itís acceptable to have a difference of opinion. It is not acceptable to present that opinion in a rude, hurtful or insulting tone. Please choose your words carefully. Make use of your smilies if need be!
  2. DST Staff will not delete posts from the forum unless absolutely necessary. If your post is deleted, you will be notified unless it is of an unsolicited (e.g. spam) or highly offensive nature. If you find your post was deleted without notification, please contact the admin.
  3. Please understand that this is a very active forum and it is not possible for DST Staff members to read every post. If there is a post that you feel needs our attention, we welcome you to use the Report Post feature (the red triangle on the top right of each post).
  4. Please make sure that your avatar is no larger than 100 px high or wide. It is preferable that you host your avatars with your own photohost site (i.e. photobucket, tinypic, etc.) to help keep our bandwidth costs down.
  5. Please read through and follow our signature standard guidelines: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/digishoptalk-announcements-questions-10/**new-signature-standards**-246451/.
  6. Please keep the content of your posts, avatars and blinkies respectable. Nothing naughty. DST is a free-speech environment and we are not liable for the content of the posts by the users. We will do everything we can to ensure that this site is run with integrity and honesty but we are not held responsible for how others exercise their free speech.
  7. Remember that piracy is illegal. DST has a no-tolerance stance against piracy.

Scrap Talk
  1. Please make sure that you are posting your topics in the proper section. Not everything belongs in Scrap Talk. Please familiarize yourself with all of the forums and utilize them. Please help us keep this board functioning in the most efficient and organized way possible.
  2. If you are a designer or digital site owner please do not post commercial announcements for your store or products in Scrap Talk section. Any commercial announcements will be moved to the proper forum.
  3. If you are a creative team member, you: o may post layouts and previews in the daily CTM enabling thread in Scrap Talk. o may post challenges in the Community Challenge thread in Scrap Talk. o may post giveaways on behalf of a designer in The Happy Place. o may post calls for new team members on behalf of a designer in Calls. o may NOT post new products, promotions, chats, challenges etc. in the New Digital Products and Digital Site & Designer Announcements forums.

New Products, Digital Store & Designer Announcement Forum & Member Specialties Forum
  1. You must be a member of the Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum to post new threads in the New Products and Digital Store & Designer Announcement forums. If you are not a member, please follow the instructions in the announcement contained within each forum. All members may post replies to designer threads.
  2. Please do not post multiple threads in these sections in one day. If you have multiple announcements, new products or freebies, please keep all previews in one thread. Designers, if you have a sampler that coincides with a new product, please include that information in your New Product announcement. If you have a stand-alone freebie, please post about that in the Digital Store & Designer Announcement Forum. Please do not post freebies in the Member Specialties forum. That is for our members who are not established designers.
  3. Please do not post multiple threads in any of these sections in a single day. If you have more than one freebie or announcement, please post them all in one thread. If you post multiple threads then it bumps everyone else's threads off the page.
  4. Please consult the designer agreement posted in the Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum for specific guidelines concerning promotional posts by designers.

Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum
  1. Please try to avoid lurking. We understand that we have a variety of levels of experience as well as a variety of time zones here. Please make every effort to chime in on occasion. Share your experience or say a word of thanks for those who have shared their expertise.
  2. Please remember that this is a business-only forum.
  3. Please remember that this forum is a private forum and nothing that is shared within the forum is to be made available to the public.
  4. Please remember that despite the rules that this is a private forum, there are several hundred people that have access to that forum and DST cannot be held responsible for the actions of those users.

Why can't I post in the forums?
If you are having problems posting, please check the following things:
  • You are registered at DigiShopTalk and you are logged in to your account. If you are logged in, you will see "Welcome your-user-name" at the top of the forums.
  • If you are quoting someone else's post, ensure your reply is outside of the QUOTE tags, otherwise the system will not recognize your post and return an error.
  • If you are trying to post in any restricted forums, ensure that you are entitled to post in that forum. There will be an Announcement in every forum with restrictions stating what you need to do to gain posting rights.
  • In extreme circumstances, your account may have been blocked from posting. You will be advised by a DST Staff member prior to this taking affect unless your previous posts are of an unsolicited (spam) nature.

How do I edit or delete my post?
At the bottom of all of your posts, you will have an edit button. Click this and to edit, make the necessary revisions and then click Save Changes. To delete, there will be a "Delete?" checkbox. Check this before clicking Save Changes.

Please be aware that DST Staff members are able to view all posts after they have been deleted and may take action if the post is found to be offensive or slanderous. We encourage you to be polite and respectful of others in all posts.

How do I add images to my post?
Please see this thread for detailed instructions and screenshots: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=32570

What do I do if I see an inappropriate post?
While we have a team of moderators that review posts to ensure they are posted in the correct area and of an acceptable nature, sometimes the forums are too active for all posts to be reviewed. Therefore, we encourage our members to report any posts they feel are inappropriate so they are brought to the attention of our moderators for review.

If you see a post that you feel is inappropriate, you can report it to DST Staff by clicking the Report Post icon (on the top right of the post - it looks like a warning sign) and filling in a brief description of why it is inappropriate. Please keep in mind that while all reports are reviewed, our staff members may determine that the post is acceptable so no action may be undertaken. Posts are only deleted in extreme circumstances, usually posts of a very offensive or unsolicited (spam) nature.

How do I add or change my avatar?
Firstly, you will need to upload your avatar (sized no larger than 100px x 100px) to a website that allows "hotlinking" of your images. If you do not have your own website, some free photo sharing sites that we suggest are PhotoBucket and Shutterfly. Once your file is uploaded, the site should provide you with a link (URL) to the image. If it does not, you will need to right-click the image and select Properties. Copy the Image Location as you will need this in the next step.

On DST, click the "User CP" link from the forum and select Edit Avatar. Paste the link you copied above into the box for URL and press Save Changes. This will update your avatar throughout the site but please keep in mind that we use multiple systems so it may take some time to show the new avatar (particularly in the gallery) due to caching.

Do you have limitations on signatures?
Yes, our guidelines are as follows:
  • No more than three rows of four blinkies, for a maximum total of twelve blinkies. Blinkies must be sized 150x50px at most and cannot be arranged or combined to form the appearance of larger advertising banners.
  • If you have a button-style image in your signature that does not blink, it may be 75x75 pixels and still counts towards your blinkie tally of 12 max. While the buttons may not advertise a product or an event, they may support a designer just like a blinkie would (ex, "Fan of" or "Creative Team Member for") Buttons that are not scrapbook related are also allowed as long as they aren't offensive in nature.
  • Your signature can advertise a person and/or store in the form of blinkies or text links but cannot advertise specific products or promotions. This includes (but is not limited to) both store and non-store (e.g. blog) based promotions. Text links may only be the name of the site or store. It may not be in any way promotional (this includes pointing to blinkies with a note to "snag this and win".)
  • If you are pregnant or in the process of adopting, you are allowed one ticker counting down to your due date. It will count as two blinkies in your allowable blinkie count mentioned above. No other tickers (e.g. birthday, wedding, vacation) are permitted. Once your pregnancy is over or your adoption complete, please remove your ticker.
  • Your signature cannot contain product previews or scrapbook layout thumbnails unless they are part of a blinkie which meets the above requirements. Any non-blinkie images added to your signature (with the exception of acceptable tickers) must be no larger than 150x50px and each image counts as one blinkie in your maximum allowed.
  • Please be considerate of our small screen users and refrain from using overly large font sizes or place large spacing between your blinkies and/or rows.
  • Please keep your signature polite and respectful. Refrain from using any blinkies or quotes that may be offensive to our other members.
If your signature is found to breach any of the above guidelines, you will be contacted by a DST staff member. If you fail to respond or make the requested changes, your signature may be edited or removed by a DST administrator without warning.

How do I add blinkies to my signature?
Please see this thread for detailed instructions and screenshots: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=54997