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How do I become a design member (i.e. member of the Digital Scrapbooking Industry Networking Forum)?
You must be an established digital designer (selling in an established store) or digital scrapbook related business owner to join the Digital Scrpabooking Industry Networking Forum. This includes blog stores that are hosted under your own domain name (not blogspot.com or wordpress.com stores).

Please send a Help Ticket with:
* your DST name
* your design name
* store link
* Name Change Request (if you would like your DST name to reflect your designer name).

If you would like your forum name to reflect your designer name, please request it at this time.

If you are approved, you will be granted access and provided with further instructions on how to sign the Designer Agreement. Please allow 72 hrs for response.

Please note that this forum is subject to its own guidelines, please see the Forum FAQ for further information.

How do I advertise on DST or in the DST Insider?
All designers are free to advertise their sites and products (subject to guidelines posted within the forums) within our New Products and Digital Site & Designer Announcement forums.

Please visit our Opportunities for Advertising & Sponsorship page for information on purchasing banner ads or sponsorship of the DST Insider.