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LauraBurger 01-15-2016 03:45 PM

January Pickle Barrel - Strong Enough - $1.00 - FWP
Happy to have the New Year past us and life more back to normal than it has been since the holidays started! With that mean more designing going on and that is always a great thing. This month’s Pickle Barrel is called Strong Enough and can only be found at my Pickleberrypop shop. Each package is $1.00 and with the 6-pack you get the 7th Free. Also check out the add on package – the bundled set is 30% off during Pickle Barrel, separates only 20%.

Can you really ever be strong enough? I guess it depends on the situation, but I think we all can strive to be stronger emotionally and physically. This is all about the strives to stay strong, keep having hope, not giving up, knowing that it takes work to stay strong.
http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...6/01/600-2.jpg http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...6/01/600-3.jpg http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...pattern600.jpg http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...6/01/600-4.jpg http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...6/01/600-5.jpg http://www.designsbylauraburger.com/...6/01/WA600.jpg

This will be on sale through Monday EST. After that will be bundled, so don’t miss out on the savings during the sale.
Enjoy your weekend! I am hoping to get some relaxing done, been a crazy week at our house.


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