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Great challenge, thank you.
Here's my layout.

I made this with Madly in love by Kamilla design

And this is the text (if you can't read it).

In the early days of our mariage my hubby
and I talked a lot about having kids.
We told eachother our favorite names and for a boy
we both had Bas, it fits with the family name Sebastianus
(my hubby and his grandfather both have it as their
second name) and this name made us think about a sweet but
little bit naughty boy.
When I was pregnand and the doctor told us we where having
twins, and two boys it was hard to pick up a second name
we both like and fits with Bas.
After a few days my hubby suggest the name Wim after my father who died in 1997
I was impressed it was the perfect name with Bas.
Both short dutch names and the best of all, Bas realy is the little sweet naughty
boy whe had in mind with that name and Wim has the same personality as my father.
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