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Old 03-10-2008, 08:44 AM
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Default Where to get clients?

I'm looking for information on where to get possible clients. How do you go about advertising? I'd love to scrap 4 hire and get a little extra money, but I have no idea how to actually do it. I live in a small town and I don't know very many people (I'm an outsider...once an outsider, always an outsider) and those that I do know can't afford to hire a scrapper. And where everything is digital, the world is my limit, right? So, how do you do this?
Old 03-12-2008, 12:03 PM
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I replied to your other thread, but have a few ideas for you... set up a website. Even if it is a blog. That is what mine is for right now. I am not sure what part of Utah you are in, but you could advertise in some local boutiques or touristy areas. And believe it or not, word of mouth will get you far! Some people might feel threatened by having a friend or someone they know doing their scrapbooking. It's almost easier to turn those kinds of things over to a perfect stranger. And some of the people in your small town may have family members who have a lot of $$ and want custom scrapbooks. You have a beautiful gallery.

Something I have noticed lately in my own work, it is a LOT harder to scrap about other people's memories. It's especially hard for me to scrap about baby boys, since I have two girls and all nieces! :) So, keep an open mind and find something you can do that makes you UNIQUE. You need something that makes you stand out from the rest of us. Good luck!
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I made myself a printed purse at a local printing company and brought it to school when bringing the girls, I had 6 moms bugging me who did it and where they could have something like that made. I must admit only 3 moms actually ordered a scrap but it is a start :)
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You will want to have a portfolio/gallery that potential customers can browse through to check out your style and scrapping quality.

If you are interested in selling in your own town, you will want to make up pamphlets that cover all the info that someone might need to know, as well as perhaps includes an online gallery link for them to check out. You can then place those pamplets at all sorts of places, doctors' offices, grocery store bulletin boards etc. If your town has crafters' exhibits or flea markets that is the perfect time to bring printed albums of your own, a stack of pamplets, and a pile of business cards.

It can also be a good idea to have a special introductory pricing or small freebie for first time customers. This may encourage them to give it a try.

If you will be focusing on online clients then you will need a website. A blog can be used for this purpose too. Include a pricing page, a page with examples, and a policy page. HTH!
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Think marketing your business, not advertising. Advertising is just one part of marketing. Marketing means actively doing things that will help people see your talents and your services. Ads are just things you slap up somewhere and wait for a call.

A blog with your portfolio is a good start. Customer testimonials and referrals are a terrific way to grow your business. Selling the idea that someone needs your services will be your biggest form of marketing your business. Business customers can be your best customers, but many of them don't know how nice their business can look in digi-scrap form. Show them how it can increase their "wow!" factor with clients.

Also, even though it will cost you $15 a month, I wouldn't start a business these days without Constant Contact or some other email program. One of your most valuable assets are the email addresses of interested people.

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I brought a print of a dog layout to Saya's puppy class to show the instructor and one of the other puppy owners wanted a business card...turns out I was out so I'll bring them next week. Duh!

My mom has a photo purse and I'm working on sample brag book sized albums to have printed so I can carry one with me.

Mom is starting a business doing custom sewing with a friend who does custom embroidery work...they're scouting out craft fairs and I'm talking to them about piggy-backing with them...the more to work a booth the easier it is for everyone. All three of us would show samples and take orders for custom work.

Places I hope to find business leads include the high-end preschools and elementary aged team sport organizations/cheer and dance schools. The clientele at these places are generally speaking two income and busy families with lots of events for pictures taking and little time left for scrapping. They have the disposable income, lack of time or interest to do it themselves, are accustomed to hiring out professional work, and the motivation to own an heirloom quality family album to pass down to their children.

Think about who your target client is, then figure out where those people can be exposed to your work and hear about your services. HTH!
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