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Old 12-17-2008, 01:48 PM
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Default 365 days of scrapping prompts.

1. 10 Changes I’d like to make in my life
2. 10 items I would like to own…
3. 10 things I can live without
4. 10 things you can't live without
5. 10 ways I am mean to myself are…
6. A Wish
7. Accomplishment (biggest)
8. Admire, who I admire
9. All in the family
10. Allowing: list five things you are not allowed to do
11. Angry: I feel angry when…
12. animal ( favorite-not a pet)
13. Anything on Wheels
14. Appliance (favorite)
15. Artwork (first)
16. backyard
17. Baking with Mom
18. best friends
19. Beverage (favorite)
20. Bible verse (favorite)
21. bike (first) (tricycle, bike w/training wheels)
22. Birth sign characteristics
23. birthdays
24. Birthplace
25. blast from the past
26. Blogs (mine, favorite)
27. Blue-what makes me feel better when I'm feeling blue
28. Body Part (My favorite)
29. Bone break
30. Books (favorite)
31. Braces
32. Broadway play
33. brothers
34. Camera
35. Candy (favorite)
36. car (first)
37. Car accident
38. career day
39. Career/job
40. Caring for Mom/Dad/other
41. changing times.........fashion.........hair styles etc...
42. Charities (my favorites)
43. Charities I support
44. Childhood room
45. Children
46. Children: the things they say
47. Chore (favorite/least favorite)
48. Circle of Life or Friends
49. Circus (trip)
50. Clothing (favorite)
51. Clutter
52. collection, (favorite) be it collectibles, bears, shoes, purses, etc.
53. College Life
54. Color (favorite, least favorite)
55. Communication (all the different types and changes)
56. Complaining: what do I consistently want to complain/complain about?
57. Compliments (received)
58. Concerts I’ve attended or want to attend
59. Contests Won
60. Cooking lesson
61. Cooking with Mom
62. curls
63. Dance (favorite)
64. Date (first)/First Impression
65. Date, memorable
66. Day at the Beach
67. day in the life of
68. Day of the Week (favorite)
69. Day: My favorite time of the day
70. Day: My perfect day…
71. Deals (my greatest/favorite)
72. decorations (Christmas/holiday)
73. Dentist (first trip)
74. Desert Island Discs (if you could only take one book, one luxury and ten tracks of music to a desert island, what would they be?)
75. Diets
76. Digital Layout (first, hardest, took the longest time, easiest)
77. Disabilities/Abilities
78. Doctor (first trip)
79. domino effect
80. Dream Man/Woman
81. Dreams
82. Dreams (nightmares)
83. Dreams (sweet)
84. Dress (favorite way to dress)
85. Eerie experiences
86. Eerie/ghostly experiences
87. Eighty (describe yourself at this age)
88. Emotional challenges
89. Empty nest
90. Environment (describe your ideal environment)
91. Ethnic background/heritage
92. family secrets
93. family ties
94. Family traditions
95. family traits
96. Family tree
97. favorite subject in school
98. Fear (biggest)
99. feet (from baby to teenager, same with hands)
100. Five childhood accomplishments
101. Five classes that sound fun
102. Five hobbies that sound like fun
103. Five Imaginary Lives
104. Five major activities of my day
105. Five major activities of my week
106. Five objects I treasure
107. Five people I admire
108. Five silly things I used to enjoy doing
109. Five silly things I would like to try once
110. Five skills that would be fun to share
111. Five things I would personally never do that sound fun
112. Five traits I like about myself as an adult
113. Five traits I liked about myself as a child
114. Flower (my favorite)
115. Food
116. food traditions
117. Forgiveness
118. four seasons
119. Friend, my best friend
120. Friend: If I could meet one online….
121. Friends who nurture me
122. Friends: loyal
123. Funny sayings/phrases
124. Game adult (favorite)
125. Game childhood (favorite)
126. Garden
127. Gift/present: the best gift/present I ever received
128. Gift/present: the worst gift/present I ever received
129. Giggles
130. Gimme a break!
131. Gives me a headache!
132. Gives me the warm fuzzies
133. Gives me the willies! (ie spiders, snakes, etc.)
134. Goals
135. Gone but not forgotten
136. Goosebumps (I get them when ________)
137. Graduation(s)
138. Grandma/Grandpa always said . . .
139. Guilty Pleasure
140. Guilty: I feel guilty when…
141. Habits (bad)
142. Habits (good)
143. Haircolor
144. Haircut (first)
145. haircut (Look I did it myself!)
146. Hairstyles (over the years)
147. Happiest Day
148. Happy: what makes me happy
149. Health (my health, health of family)
150. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Say No Evil
151. High school memories
152. high-school hangouts
153. high-school sweetheart
154. Hobbies
155. holidays
156. Home (dream home)
157. Home improvement
158. Homework
159. House/Home
160. How I met...(fill in blank)
161. Husband/SO
162. I learned from ...
163. I love you because
164. I made a difference when ….
165. I secretly enjoy ….
166. I wish I could afford
167. I wish someone invented ………….
168. I’d love to live in _______ country (why?)
169. If I could lighten up a little, I’d….
170. If I had it to do over again...
171. If I wasn’t married or in a relationship, I’d…
172. If I were Queen I would...
173. If it weren’t too late in life, I’d…..
174. In Remembrance
175. Internet friends
176. Internet groups (favorite)
177. Ipod/MP3/CD Player (what’s on mine)
178. It wasn't me
179. Item of Clothing (favorite)
180. It's not fair! (Can you tell I have 4 kids?)
181. Jealousy: I am jealous of/when …
182. Jewelry
183. Job (first)
184. Joy: The greatest joy in my life is…
185. Just Like Daddy
186. Just Like Mommy
187. Kid: As a kid, I wanted …
188. Kids Sport
189. Knowing: I never knew __________, until ___________.
190. Lack: The biggest lack in my life is ….
191. Let Freedom Ring
192. Letter to my 13 year old self
193. Life purpose/mission
194. Life: years 11-15-describe
195. Life: years 1-5-describe
196. Life: years 16-20-describe
197. Life: years 21-25-describe past, present, future
198. Life: years 26-30-describe past, present, future
199. Life: years 31-35-describe past, present, future
200. Life: years 36-40-describe past, present, future
201. Life: years 41-45-describe past, present, future
202. Life: years 46-50-describe past, present, future
203. Life: years 51-55-describe past, present, future
204. Life: years 56-60-describe past, present, future
205. Life: years 6-10-describe
206. Life: years 61-65-describe past, present, future
207. Life: years 65-70-describe past, present, future
208. Life: years 71-75-describe past, present, future
209. Life: years 76+-describe past, present, future
210. Light Bulb moments
211. little things
212. Live: Where I live now (town, street, house - describe your environment, how did u get here? Do you want to stay? Is it better/worse than other places you've lived? How?)
213. love (first love) or puppy love
214. Love (first)
215. Love: items I love
216. mail/mailbox
217. Makeover Me
218. make-up
219. Makeup routine (or lack of)
220. Me
221. meal/food (favorite)
222. Mispronunications I have made/heard from my kids
223. Miss you
224. Missed the chance to …
225. Missed/wondered: For years, I’ve missed and/or wondered about …
226. Money: I didn’t have any money, so I did this instead….
227. Most embarrassing moment
228. Most Embarrassing Moment(s)
229. Movies – Funniest
230. Movies – Scariest
231. Movies – Worst
232. movies (favorite)
233. Moviestar Crush (favorite)
234. Moving
235. Music (favorite)
236. music lessons
237. Musical instrument (favorite)
238. Name, the meaning of my name, child’s name, ect…
239. neighborhood
240. New Year’s Resolutions: (and at the end of the year, did you keep them?)
241. News (local, state, country, world that intrigued me, changed my life)
242. Nursery rhyme (s)
243. Obituary (what I want mine to say)
244. OCDs (what silly obsessions/compulsions/habits do you have?)
245. One Regret
246. One thing I learned from my Favorite Teacher
247. One thing I want to change in my life
248. Operation/Surgery (first, subsequent)
249. Organizations I belong/belonged to
250. ornaments (Christmas)
251. Out and About
252. outdoors (the great)
253. Outfit (favorite)
254. outfit/shoes when you were little (favorite)
255. pajamas
256. Parenting tips
257. partners in crime
258. Pen pals (as a kid)
259. Personal strengths
260. Personal weaknesses
261. Pet (favorite)
262. pet peeves
263. Pets
264. Pets: games our pets play
265. Phobias
266. Photo bloopers
267. places to go & things to see
268. Plan: Five year plan: (where will you be or would you like to be 5 years from today?)
269. Plan: Ten year plan (where will you be or would you like to be ten years from today?)
270. Pocket full of ??? (what’s in your child’s pockets?)
271. Pocket full of sunshine
272. Politics
273. Pool Time
274. Prom
275. Proudest Moment
276. Purse (items in)
277. Puzzles (favorites now and then)
278. Quiet time
279. Quotes (favorite)
280. Recession/Depression
281. Recipes (favorite)
282. redecorating a room
283. Religion/Spirituality
284. Retirement
285. Roller Coaster ride (first?)
286. Sad: I feel sad when..
287. School
288. scrapper I admire
289. Scrapping Plan: How I plan to use up my digi scrapping supplies
290. scrapzone
291. Season of the Year (favorite)
292. Secret Wish
293. Sewing lesson
294. Shoes
295. Shopping (favorite places)
296. sibling rivalry
297. siblings
298. sisters
299. Sixty-five: If I were 65 and had money, I’d…
300. smells (favorite)
301. Song (favorite)
302. Space (my private space)
303. special family members (grandparents,aunts,uncles,etc)
304. Star Sign/Numerology (what are yours, and what are they supposed to mean?)
305. Success: how I define success
306. Summer Song (what song will always remind you of this summer/year?)
307. Superman/Superwoman
308. Sweet cheeks (face or hiney )
309. Swimming
310. Teacher (favorite)
311. Teachers (didn't like at first, then did)
312. Teachers (least favorite)
313. Ten Things I Love About You
314. terrible twos
315. TGIF because…..
316. That was funny!
317. That wasn't funny!
318. That's a great idea!
319. That's a really bad idea!
320. Theme park visit
321. then and now
322. Things I do to nurture myself
323. Things I learned from . . .
324. Things I wished I had said
325. Things I wished I hadn't said
326. Things you wish someone had told you
327. Three wishes
328. Time travel (favorite time in history)
329. Time: My largest time commitment is …
330. Toot (first)
331. Toothless Grin
332. Topics that interest me.
333. town (where I live)
334. Toy childhood (favorite)
335. Toys (adult)
336. Toys (childhood)
337. Toys (favorite)
338. traditions (Christmas)
339. traditions (family, other holiday)
340. Treasure, my greatest
341. Trends of 2000-2009 (favorite)
342. Trends of the 50’s (favorite)
343. Trends of the 60’s (favorite)
344. Trends of the 70’s (favorite)
345. Trends of the 80’s (favorite)
346. Trends of the 90’s (favorite)
347. Trip to the hospital
348. TV shows you watched as a kid
349. Twenty things I enjoy doing
350. Twenty: If I were 20 and had money, I’d….
351. UFOs (unfinished objects)
352. Vacation/holiday (dream)
353. Vacations/Road Trips
354. Video Games
355. Volunteer work
356. Voting (first time, national election, ect…)
357. Walk in my shoes for a Day
358. watch me grow .....kids...pets...
359. Weather events
360. Weekend: My perfect weekend…
361. What changed after kids or pets
362. what I learned from ......my mother ......my grandmother......my dad etc....
363. What things cost
364. What was going on in the world the day you were born: popular songs, politics, etc. (similar to a newspaper from the day a person was born)
365. What was I thinking?
366. When I grow up...
367. When I was little, I believed...
368. When I Wish Upon A Star
369. When you do _____________, it makes me crazy
370. why me?
371. Wildest Moment/Time in Life
372. Wondering: I’ve always wondered ___________.
373. Worry: I worry when …
374. Year: In one year, I’d like to …
375. You Light Up My Life
376. you make me a better person
377. You remind me so much of . . .
378. Your Hope
379. Zoo (trip)
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Great work, Cindy! Now I have something to do in 2009 (LOL)!

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Awesome list!
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Old 12-19-2008, 02:01 AM
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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list!
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Old 12-20-2008, 12:26 AM
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How fun Cindy! No need for excuses now.
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What a great list!!!! I'm going to have to copy it to my machine so I can take a look at it again (and find it! LOL) when I'm stumped.

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Default Let's begin on January 1, 2009!

Let's begin on January 1, 2009!

The rules:
There are no rules.
Pick a numbered prompt on the list and scrap it.
Post prompt # and your link here so we can leave you some love!
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Just so you know, we have created special gallery for your Project 365 layouts!!! :)
Cindy, feel free to add this link to your main post. :)

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Old 12-23-2008, 07:19 AM
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Oh thank you so much Cindy for doing this!!! Finally some inspiration for me.
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This is so fabulous! I am def going to try to make this work and commit to it!
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