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Old 11-15-2009, 11:14 PM
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Default Black Friday sales

Has anybody listed any sales for Black Friday?
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Old 11-16-2009, 03:50 AM
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Scrapable is having a Late Bird Sale (early birds hit the malls, lol) and there will be lots of fun challenges going on too!
Scrapberry Designs
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Old 11-18-2009, 02:51 PM
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NOTE - I RAN OUT OF ROOM HERE (max characters amt) ... I got everyone to page 13 - please go there to see more sales not listed here.

Designers who use their names are under their FIRST NAME.

ACOT - several designers will be having a sale
Armina Designs - 50%OFF
www.Angels-Scrap-Shop.de - 50% SALE
Amy Teets - sale on now
ANN Designs - 20-50% off
After Five Designs - 20% storewide sale, spend $20, save $5, random 2 hr 35% off - see store

Babycakes Scraps 35% off

Catscrap 30% off
CG Essentials - sale
Cucciola Designs - 40% off
Chaos Lounge - 50% off almost everything
Cali - http://boutique-digiscrap.com/

Designs by Angel - 50% off at stores: Faith Sisters, Kjoi Studios, Pretty Scrappy
Digital Divas Designs PU 50% off, CU 30% off
design by snoopy 40% off sale and new kit for € 1.00
Dreamplace DigitalArt and the scrap-wishes 45% off all products
Donna Rafferty - 40% off new kit, others $2
Designs by Helly 40% off and 2 new kits
Denim and Daisies 50% off products, 25% off services.
Dreamland digital designs - up to 70% off, store collabs 60% off, 1 euro deals
Damayanti Studio - 40% off
Designs by CRK - 50% off at both Pickleberrypop and Elemental Scraps.
Delicious Scrap - 99 Cent sale , $20 or more get an additional 50% OFF coupon: blackfriday
Design by Tina - 50% off
DigiDesigns by Denise - 50% off

Elemental Scraps new releases on Black Friday, indvl designer sales
Elegant Wordart by Bethany - $1 Farmer's Market items, 20 different packs each day thru Sunday.
Eirene Designs 50% off

Faith Sisters 50% off
Fizzy Pop designs - $1 deals & Catscrap storewide sale
Fly Pixel Studio - 30 % off all my store at Pickleberrypop

GBL Creations - most designers 50% off
Graham Like the Cracker will be 50% off on Friday, 35% off Sunday and Saturday. DDW GS
Genia Beana - 50% off at her stores Elemental Scraps / GDS

Heritage Scrap storewide 40% off 11/27, 30% the rest of the weekend.
Holliewood Studios - 30% off

Inspiration Lane up to 50% off sale, new releases
Inspiredbydominic Designs - 50% off sale at each of my stores plus others (Inspiration Lane, Digiscrapstation, Digiridoo Scraps, Scrapable)
I.K.H. designs - 20-50% off 11/27

Julie. It is. on sale for 1.50 each through Sunday night (Plain Digital Wrapper)
Just Joyce Designs - new collection, storewide sale and some $1 deals! CATSCRAP and PICKLEBERRYPOP
Juliana Gordon - 50% off
Jennifer Fox Designs - 35% off 11/27-11/30
Jeanette Bollinger - 11/25 - 11/30 40% off
JayaPrem's Hangout - 50% off
JM Designs - 25% off sale from today to sunday....
JennCk Designs - everything at least 50% off, $1 deals
Jasmin-Olya - 30% off 11/26 - 11/30
Jan Hosford Designs personal storeON SALE for 40% OFF! Commercial Use store is 30% OFF! The DigiChick Store is 20% off plus you get a gift with $15 purchase!
Ju Oliveira - 45% off
JM Designs - 25%OFF

Kiki Halbert - 40% off
Kim DeSmet - up to 75% off clearance items, up to 40% new products, 30% CU products
Krakatuka Design - PU (except new) 30-50% off, CU 30-70% off
KimB's designs - 50% off 11/27, 35% 11/28, 25% 11/29 -- DSO STORE AND DSV STORE
K-Koi Studios Shop - 50% off selected designers
KDesigns has 50% off all her Stock Photos Digitalscrapn

Laura Marie Scraps - 40% off at Ahhh Scrap and Pretty Scrappy! $1 sale 6-12 only.
Litabells Designs - 50% off at Digiridoo Scraps only
Laura Burger 30% off on November 27th - 25% off Nov, 28th and 29th.
Lara's Digi World - sale at Pickleberrypop 30% off, coupons on my blog, StoneAccentsStudio 40% off

Miss Jojo Mojo is $1.50 on all items (CU) (plain digital wrapper)
50% off all Merkeley Designs products Friday only, includes CU. Merkeley Designs, Oscraps, or ACOT
Mia Design - 50% off, newest kit $2
Marshmella Designs is having a 50% off sale!!!

Natali design 40% off sale
ninascraps is having a sale!! - 50% off, one day only
NatashaNaSt designs - 40% off sale 11/27 - 11/29


Pink Ink Studios varies by designer
Project B Designs -50% off @ Scrapable & Sunshine Studio Scraps
Plain Digital Wrapper will be having lots of sales
Paste Optional Designs $2 sale (Plain Digital Wrapper)
Princess for Life Designs everything $2.00 now…thru Sunday (Plain Digital Wrapper)
Polka Dot Pixels - 40% off, one day only
Polka Dot Plum - 40% off, one day only
Paste Optional Designs has a $2.00 sale on her entire inventory at Plain Digital Wrapper
Plucky Pear Designs - 50% off Thurs-Sun, buy her store for $25
Peppermint Creative - coupon codes in their post


Roseli has everything for $2 Digitalscrapn

Scrap Orchard - Farmer's Market ($1 sale) - tons of products!
Scrapable is having a Late Bird Sale
Stuff To Scrap top secret sales
ScrapMatters FRI: 45% OFF PU (30% CU), SAT: 40% OFF PU (25% CU), SUN: 30% OFF PU (20% CU), MON: 25% OFF PU (10% CU)
schokomama and the scrap-wishes 45% off all products http://scrap-wishes.com/
Scrap Silly Sara - store closing sale at Gotta Pixel
Scrapper's Secret will be having some gigantic sales on Black Friday
Scrapping All The Way - a big $1 sale
Sashinamama Design - SALE 30-50%% OFF and 1 euro All my products CU and PU - Shop 1 Shop 2 Shop 3
Scrapable - 50% off sale! Gratitude Scrap-A-Thon
scrap-wishes 45% off all products http://scrap-wishes.com/
Southern Creek Designs $1.50 on all items (plain digital wrapper)
Scrapdzines - items are $2.00. Wednesday-Saturday. (plain digital wrapper)
Scraps Wraps-N-More. - 50% off sale Thursday through Saturday
Scrap Artist for an extended Black Friday Sale!
SuzyQ Scraps $1 farmer's market items
Scraps-Wraps-N-More -religion and inspirational themed products on sale Mon-Tues-Wed 20-60% off.
Sunflowers Designs will have a Sale in all her stores ...
SarahJ designs - 60% off any purchase 11/26 - 11/30
Scrap-Wishes 45 % off
Stuff To Scrap is having a big sale.
Sarah Designs - 20-40%
Scrapbook-elements.com - 40% off most items
Studio Basic - 40% off
silversword71 - 40% off

Tiramisu Design - PU, CU, S4H products 25-50% off!
The Digi Chick Free Collab with purchase over $15
Tracy Ann 130 products 50% off, clearance deals
The Digi Boutique - CU Products on sale for $1
Tirza - 40% off, purchase Old Fashioned Country Christmas kit, get bonus paper pack free


Vera Lim Designs 45% OFF

Wyld Web Designs will be having a 50% off sale at both my stores, DDW and GS
Wilma4Ever - 50% off Nov 16-30
Wendy Page - 60% off (except collabs)



Zig Zag Scraps is having storewide sale - 40% off

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Old 11-18-2009, 04:36 PM
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Pretty Scrappy will be having 50% off!!
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Old 11-18-2009, 06:42 PM
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Stuff To Scrap is having a black Friday sale - deals so good they are secret!
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Old 11-18-2009, 07:24 PM
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ScrapMatters will be having a HUGE sale! You won't want to miss this one!
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Old 11-19-2009, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by slurpeegirl13 View Post
Anyone started a master list yet?
I second this motion!! :)
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Old 11-19-2009, 10:12 AM
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I'm so psyched that I don't have to go shopping on Black Friday this year... more time to go digi-shopping instead!!!
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Old 11-19-2009, 10:45 AM
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Catscrap's newsletter mentioned a storewide sale!
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Old 11-20-2009, 06:48 AM
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Faith Sisters is going to have a 50% off sale... though my creations will be at 50% off from today through Dec 3rd at all my shops.

Faith Sisters - http://www.faithsisters.com/shop/
Kjoi Studios - http://kjoistudios.net/shop/
Pretty Scrappy - http://prettyscrappy.com/xcart/home.php
__________________________________________________ _____________
Designs by Angel

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