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Meet this month’s Featured Designer: Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics

Tracey Monette of  Clever Monkey Graphics is the designer of this month's Gold Member Kit.

Molar Expedition

molarmain Meet this months Featured Designer: Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics

CMGpicture 300x300 Meet this months Featured Designer: Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics

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Let's get to know Tracey a little better through a few questions we asked her.

What inspired you to create this month's DST Gold Member kit?
I am very much a theme designer and I draw most of my own fun elements. In deciding the theme for the DST Gold Member kit I wanted something gender neutral and universally appealing and I figure everyone goes to the dentist, or has had a baby getting their first tooth, a child waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive, kids with braces, or like me - a teen who just got wisdom teeth out. And thus Molar Expdedition was born.

What is your favorite part or element of the kit?
While I do love my tooth fairies, I had the most fabulous time designing the many tooth characters including a number that aren't even shown in the preview like cracked tooth, chipped tooth, painful tooth and gold-capped tooth.

Tell us about your family
I'm married and have a 16 year old daughter.

How long have you been designing? What program(s) do you use?
I have been a digital designer specializing in scrapbooking for 10 years now. I mostly use Photoshop CS4 with an occasional dip into Illustrator.

What part of designing comes easiest to you (themes, colors, papers, elements?)
Definitely the elements. I love creating the characters in a kit. The pen tool in photoshop is second nature to me now as I have learned all it's tricks! For me, the characters and graphic elements in a kit are what keep it unique from everyone else.

What part of designing is most challenging to you?
Narrowing down colors - the rainbow is just too big and I love most of it. Ha ha.

What inspires you?
Mostly nature, color, and patterns.

If you’re running low on design mojo, where do you go to kickstart your creativity?
The bookstore, TV, Pinterest, hiking - or even simply taking a short break from scrapping and designing. For the first time in my 10 years of designing I took about a 3-month break last winter and came back so refreshed and ready to design again.

What has been the greatest compliment you have received about your designs?
Probably that they are very unique in an industry filled with commercial use products. But I must laugh at the memories of the occasional person who has put the word 'the' in front of my name when they communicate with me personally online. What a compliment it actually was to me referred to as "the" Tracey Monette.

Link us to a layout that you have seen using your work that just left you awestruck.
I really don't have to go far back in my designer gallery to find amazing layouts - they happen consistently. This layout with Gone Hiking felt amazing to me. I love the way the main photo is bordered with great clustering and shadowing and is sitting on that amazing scenic photo that is blended away. The layout makes me want to be where this couple are.

How much time do you allocate to designing in a typical week?
I like lots of flexibility in my time - it is one reason why I chose this line of work. A week might involve anywhere from 20-80 hours of design time. When I am in the design groove I don't want to stop for anything trivial - like cooking dinner - much to my family's chagrin!

What is the latest you’ve ever stayed up to finish a design or scrap?
Only around 1 in the morning. I need my sleep. I'd rather get up super early than stay up super late.

What’s your favorite snack to have handy while you design?
Crystallized ginger. But all that sugar is really bad for me so I usually simply settle for a glass of sparkling water at my side.

What magazines do you subscribe to (scrap & non-scrap related)?
Better Homes and Gardens. I used to subscribe to lots of them from Weight Watchers to Cooking Light to Real Simple to Oprah... but over time I found that Pinterest gives me all the recipes I want, the magazine articles become repetitive and stupid, and I'll never be as good a person as Oprah wants me to be. Ha ha ha. Oh, and with aging eyesight and not prescription reading glasses, reading the magazines became a problem. Can I just say how much I love Kindles now? I can make the type as large as I want!

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House & Home
CMGhousenhome 300x300 Meet this months Featured Designer: Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics

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