Make your own Alpha: Puddles

KittyPuddles600 Make your own Alpha: Puddles I don't often use alphas, but sometimes a layout just calls out for a special look. I wanted a watery look for this layout, but didn't have anything in my stash - so I made my own! Here's how you can make this liquid look quickly and easily for yourself. Step 1 - Set your words.
  • Using the Type tool, type your words. Choose a font that's bulky and dark, and go ahead and type it in black, we're going to change it anyway. Make sure you have everything spelled right, and as close to the size and placement you want.
  • Right-click on the text layer, and choose Rasterize Type from the menu. Once you do this you will see the T go away from the thumbnail image, and this layer will no longer be editable with the Type tool.
Step 2 - Add some droplets.
  • Choose the Brush tool with a hard round brush tip. Keep the brush rather small, it will look better. Still using black, paint droplet shapes on the text layer. I made some of the ends of the letters rounder and thicker like they were puddles, and added in many little droplets of various shapes around the words. These should all be on the same layer as the letters.
Step 3 - Add a Layer Style.
  • You want a clear acrylic layer style. Photoshop and Elements users, if you have one installed, just apply it to the layer. If you don't have one, check with your favorite designer or digital scrapbooking shop, or try one of these: It's Clear to Me by MoonDesigns, Acrylic Color Style #3 by Thaty Borges, or if you have PSP you could use a script like this one: Acrylic Styles A by Cassel Creations
  • If you have Photoshop, you can make your own layer style with the following settings (click on images to enlarge):
Blending: Puddle2 300x242 Make your own Alpha: Puddles Drop Shadow: Puddle3 300x244 Make your own Alpha: Puddles Inner Shadow: Puddle1 300x242 Make your own Alpha: Puddles Inner Glow: Puddle4 300x245 Make your own Alpha: Puddles Bevel and Emboss: Puddle5 300x242 Make your own Alpha: Puddles Once you have these settings input, you can save the layer style for future use! To save a layer style:
  • With the Layer Style dialog box still open, click on New Style at the right.
  • When the New Style dialog box opens, type what you'd like to name it and click ok. Leave the two boxes checked. Puddle6 Make your own Alpha: Puddles
  • Click OK and you'll see the style show up in your Styles Panel. This will make it available to use again, but it will not be saved as an .asl file yet. If you were to replace the styles in your Styles Panel, it would be gone! So be sure to do the next step.
To save as an .asl file:
  • Go to Edit> Presets Manager.
  • Choose Styles from the drop down menu at the top.
  • Click on your new style at the bottom to select it. You will see a dark box around it indicating it is selected.
  • Click on Save Set at right.
  • Name your file and navigate to the folder where you save your styles, then click Save.
Now you'll be able to load that style whenever you want. Try this on your next rainy day, pool, gardening or any layout with a puddle! Be sure to post in our gallery then come here and link us up so we can all be amazed at your digital daring! Layout Credits: Layout by Jenn White. Kit is Cat's Meow by Viva Artistry (our August Featured Designer!) Fonts are Impact (Kitty), Dirty Ego (Puddles), and Caflisch Script Pro (journaling).    Send article as PDF