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Learn Your Craft: Digital Scrapbooking Classes Around the Web

Learn Your Craft:  Digital Scrapbooking Classes Around the WebIf you’re like me, you seek out step-by-step directions on how to proceed in any new adventure. I’m not the type just throw paint on the wall and see how interesting it looks. It’s the same with digital scrapbooking.  When I began in 2008, there weren’t a lot of tutorials out there; nowadays, there are digiscrap classes, […]

Scrapping Holiday Videos? Yes, You Can! New Tools for Saving Your Memories

Scrap Your Videos?  Yes You Can!Take a lot of videos during the holidays? Need a unique digital gift? Why not try a video scrapbook layout?  Video scrapbook layouts can be played on your computer, your iphone, ipad and other similar devices.  Now, with new software and online programs you can scrap beyond a flat layout and create scrapbook videos as […]

About Face: Replacing Faces in Photos with Miss Behaving Workshops

About Face:  Replacing Faces in Photos with Miss Behaving WorkshopsIn my previous tutorial, I showed you how to combine two photos together to get the pose you want.  Now, I'm going to show you how to use the same technique to change FACES on your photos!  Be honest with me. How many photos do you have where your child is looking the wrong way?  […]

How to Get That Perfect Shot…or Make Your Own with MissBehaving Workshops

How to Get That Perfect Shot...or Make Your Own with MissBehaving WorkshopsGetting the perfect shot is as elusive as the tooth fairy.   I would love to tell you that every time I ask  my daughter Morgan to pose for me that she is always a cooperative and eager participant...   Hahaha … wiping tears of mirth from my eyes. This post’s title would be more suitably […]

Get Blogging! Family Blog Advice from a Pro

Get Blogging!  Family Blog Advice from a ProHaving a blog is a wonderful way to document the ongoing events and memories in daily life and it comes in very handy later on when you are ready to recap those experiences on a scrapbook page. I’m a big believer in blogging and I have some tips to share if you are just getting […]

Say Cheese: Five Steps to Great Group Photos

Say Cheese:  Five Steps to Great Group PhotosI often tell my students in both our on-line classes and in our community-college classes that you have to happily embrace the role within your family as “the one with the nice camera” or “the one who takes such good pictures,” because you will inevitably be called upon at family functions to be the one […]

Tips for Creating and Printing Your Own 2011 Holiday Cards

Tips for Creating and Printing Your Own 2011 Holiday CardsThe Holiday Season is one of my favorites.How great is it to open the mailbox and receive beautiful cards from friends and family? (The bills will come the next month!) Every year, without fail, I receive three or four cards from various friends and families across the U.S. that are the very same! Gasp!  Different family- […]

Journal with a New Voice

Conversation layoutAs the family memory keepers, we are responsible for telling the stories of our lives. In accomplishing this important task, we often fall into a monotonous routine. We tell every story from our own point of view. While there is nothing technically wrong with that, adding some variety can really spice up our story telling. […]

Love Templates? Make Your Own!

Love Templates? Make Your Own!This tutorial comes to us from Katie Nelson at The Daily Digi where it originally appeared. One of the questions we get asked the most at The Daily Digi is “how can I make my own templates?” I love templates and rarely scrap without one these days. While there are so many great templates already […]

Virtual Roundtable: Template Designers’ Edition

Template designer and roundtable host Sara Gleason of Zinnias & Swallowtails.Dig into the world of templates and template designing Editor’s Note:  The DST Insider invited Sara Gleason of Zinnias & Swallowtails to explore templates and template designing with a group of talented template creators.  The discussion included Elizabeth Albers (Scrapping With Liz), Anna Aspnes, Amy Martin, Lynnette Penacho (Nettio Designs), Tiffany Tillman and Kayleigh Wiles […]