Be Inspired, Ride the DST Blog Train!

500x125DSTblogtrain Be Inspired, Ride the DST Blog Train! Welcome aboard the DST Blog Train! We're bringing you Winter Wonders this month from many of our DST Design Members. Check out the nice cool colors perfect for all your ski, sled and skating layouts. You'll notice we've included more than just papers and elements - we want to share with you some of our wonderful template and word art designers too. We know you'll find some new designers to love! Below the previews is the complete list of designers with links, in case you get lost. Remember, we are in a lot of different time zones, so if a post isn't up yet, check back a little later in the day. Enjoy! Each blog will link from the previous one, but if you get lost you can come back here. Don't forget to leave thanks in each blog's comments so the designers know how much you appreciate these gifts!
  1. Graphics by Poka Dot
  2. Angie Kovacs
  3. Trixie Scraps Designs
  4. Sanko Studio
  5. Luv Ewe Designs
  6. Karen Diamond Designs
  7. Sugarbutt Designs
  8. RebeccaPSP designs
  9. Scrap-n-a-Snap Designs
  10. Busy Crafting Mommy Designs
  11. The Brown Owl
  12. Dawn by Design
  13. WinksArt Graphics
  14. JusMeDigital
  15. Mags Graphics
  16. Angelclaud ArtRoom
  17. Star Song Studio
  18. Marisa Lerin
  19. AK Designs
  20. A Little Giggle Designs
  21. Amanda & Millie Designs
  22. Ronda's Scrap Bits
  23. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
  24. Snackpack Gu's Designs
  25. Patty B Scraps
  26. Snickels' Corner Crafts
  27. Jody M Designs
  28. Hot Flash Designs
  29. Katie Creates
  30. Outside the Box Design Studio    Send article as PDF   
  • Margaret

    Thanks for the blogtrain. I just wanted to comment that I had problems with multiple windows opening with some of the links. I was trying to close them as fast as they popped up. Hopefully that’s not a problem with the links themselves, but it was somewhat unnerving. Will check back later for some that weren’t quite ready. Thanks again.

    • Jennifer White

      Margaret, I checked all the links last night and didn’t have a problem. I’d run a virus scan on your computer, just in case. All the links should be ready sometime today, as the New Year starts across the time zones! Do let me know if you hit any non-working ones this evening. Enjoy the goodies!

  • Teresa

    Re: Multiple Pop-up Windows
    It is probably because designers STILL use Mediafire & 4shared. Both can create alot of problems for your puter…
    For instance Google Doc’s offers 5GB free with no malware or pop-ups! Why don’t they use that file sharing site……
    What I don’t understand is graphics by polka dot has a direct link on her FB page, but makes you go to 4shared for her BT stop :(
    Try resting your mouse over the link & if it says Mediafire or 4shared, don’t click on it.
    Another solution if you still want to click on the link, is to (in Internet Explorer anyway) Go to Internet Options-General Tab-Tab Settings-Click ‘Always open pop-ups in a new tab’. By doing this it will at least open the pop-up windows in a new tab in the same IE window and by clicking on the ‘X’, you can more easily close them.
    Guess I vented a little here…sorry…….
    Good Luck and Thank you for BT DST :)

    • Jennifer White

      Teresa, we do ask that designers direct link whenever possible, I’ll remind everyone on that! Thanks for the input, it’s important to hear what our customers want and need. Glad you’re enjoying the train!

      • Debbie

        Direct download is located, right under the 4shared, for two options. :)

        • Julieanne

          I am so grateful for these graphic blog trains! I’d like to add, though, that my filtering software blocks out all MediaFire and 4shared links, because either the software for them is so old and outdated that it doesn’t work with newer systems very well, or they are so virus-prone or spam-filled that my provider won’t allow me to open those links. But I love the options where it’s just on the person’s website or Facebook or Google or the other safer options. Thanks!

  • Patricia

    Thanks for hosting the blog train links – and thanks to all the designers who contributed – you guys are great.

  • Melinda

    Thanks so much for this! I was so sad in november when I couldn’t find the blog train and it looked like it had ended! Have found some of my favorite designers through this, that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Always Love IT!!!

  • Lou Anne

    Thank you for the wonderful freebies!

  • RetiredPJ

    What a batch of wonderful and useful product! I enjoyed viewing new-to-me artists, thanks so much for this blogtrain. BTW I had no problems viewing and downloading.

  • Fran

    Thanks too all who contributed! It’s beautiful makes me crave cold weather (it’s summer here in OZ)

  • Debbie Lentz

    Thank you so much for the Winter Wonders Blog Train! Thank you for introducing me to some New Designers, but also showing me more of the Designers that I love!!!

    Thank you for all your freebies & creativity!!! Can’t wait to use these on my Winter Layouts!!!


  • marlin

    I was sad also when the blog train blog seemed to disappear, however I am glad you took it over! A huge thanks to all the designers who participated!! Love them all!

  • Dawn

    Thank you so much – I do love a blog train! Best wishes to you all.

  • Sherry P

    I would like to thank every one of the designers for there lovely and generous contributions. :) :)
    PS Ronda’s Scrap Bits download is not working it is showing “out of band width”

    • Jennifer White

      Sherry, I just tried it and worked fine for me, maybe she reset it or there was a lot of traffic when you tried? Try again, and let me know if it doesn’t work for you!

      • Leanne

        It’s still out of bandwidth, I just tried it. Beautiful kit it is too.

        • Jennifer White

          I’ll let the designer know, I’m sorry. You might try clearing your cache and trying again just in case.

          • Sally Stubbe

            I just tried to download Ronda’s Scrap Bits and keep getting the “out of bandwidth” message. Would love to have her download since it has some really cute items in it.

          • Jennifer White

            Sally, I’ll email her again to let her know, she may need to re-host the files elsewhere. I’ll post here when I know it’s good.

  • http://none Silverbutterfly

    Thanks for all the wonderful winter kits, here in Texas we don’t see too much wintry snow, etc. Rhonda’s still has no acess to to her kit. like others I would love it as it is a real cutie. Again thanks,

  • CM2

    Love the color choices! Thanks to everyone who unselfishly share their talents!

  • Karen Diamond

    Thanks Jennifer for taking on the Blog Train!! And thank you to all the designers for their portions!!

  • Molly

    Thank you to all the wonderful designers who contributed .. it is always great to see all the different designers styles .. :)

  • Catzia

    Thank you very much to all designers. This Theme and al mini-kits are very beautiful and unique.

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  • scrapbooking ideas

    I really love all of this!… Thank you for these freebies. I really appreciate all of it. I’m sure I will make a creative scrapbook here. I love the colors and designs, each of them fit for everyday scrapbooking. Thanks a lot!