Heart-to-Heart Journaling

IMG 6610 copy Heart to Heart JournalingIn this girl-centered issue, I feel it's important to take a moment and discuss meaningful ways to journal all of the wonderful little ladies in our lives. They will, after all, become women and you know how women like stories. Start by thinking about how the girls in your life will reflect back on the journaling you incorporate onto their scrapbook pages. In a world driven by stuff and the things money can buy, it is a good reminder to zero in on the things that really count like the love we share with one another and the pure moments in life that define us later on. So, here are my tips for you to think about when journaling your girl. Inner Beauty. In a physical-appearance driven world it's so important that we  don't focus on physical appearance. Rather, focus on the inner qualities of our girls. Of course it's wonderful to tell them how beautiful they are but more importantly, it is vital they know how beautiful they are on the inside. Sweetness. Try journaling light and sweet. Yes, sometimes we need to get deep, but for the most part girls enjoy to thinking on the sweet stuff: friends, favorites and fun. Details. Don't forget to add details. Girls love remembering things like how much a dress cost on sale or how it was an adventure to go out and find the perfect Halloween costume. Don't sell your audience short with not enough information. Leave a legacy. Apply a moment in your daughter's life to something you remember happening to you as a child. Speak words of wisdom about a lesson learned or perhaps an insight that they will delight in learning about later on. Similarities. Do you and your girl have a similar habit or quirk that comes out in memory building? If so, add it to your journaling. Girls love to feel like they are part of your history.  Find links between sisters, grandmothers and grand daughters, friends and, of course, mothers and daughters. Heartfelt Words. Girls love to be moved emotionally. There is nothing better than a story that gets your heart pumping. Be sure to add all the heartfelt moments of life in your journaling. There are countless ways to journal for girls, and I hope these tips give you a great start. Try applying one of them as you journal the girls in your life; you will end up with a book of memories that is full of depth and meaning. When all else fails keep it genuine. If you do that, your journaling simply can't go wrong.
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