Inspiration: From Pinterest to Page

I love browsing Pinterest. Just gazing at all the gorgeous pictures makes me feel crafty and creative. Plus, I like to feel trendy - who doesn't?! Sometimes it can be hard to translate fashion and home decor trends to a scrapbook page, though. I've gathered some recent popular pin-inspiration along with ideas for translating these trends to your next scrapbook layout.

1. The Wedding Reception Pin

I wish Pinterest had been around when I was planning my own wedding! So many cool ideas. I especially liked this one using shaped bowls to spell out LOVE. dcb0eec5415779d53ed0183559d98164 Inspiration: From Pinterest to PageWhile these letter bowls are filled with snacks, I thought the idea of large "filled" letters would look cute on a layout. My letters aren't exactly filled, but I was inspired by the image. Don't feel like you have to exactly copy an image to be inspired by it! Here's what I came up with: Spring collage Inspiration: From Pinterest to Page

2. The Home Decor Pin

My own home may be falling to pieces around me, but on Pinterest I live in a spotless, perfectly decorated dream home. It's alternately elegant, modern, rustic, or shabby chic, depending on my mood. This photo of a shabby chic kitchen, full of flowery romance, fills me with all sorts of warm, fuzzy girly thoughts. 899d9a0872491ec7b95ce6c256a2bced Inspiration: From Pinterest to Page Beautiful Girl Inspiration: From Pinterest to PageSince I have all boys, I scrapped a photo of my adorable niece with lots of lace, flowers, and pretty colors. Many home decor-type inspirational images lend themselves well to scraplifting, whether it's the color combination, patterns, or style (French country, sleek and modern, farmhouse chic, etc.).

3. The Baby Nursery Pin

Who hasn't oohed and aahed over adorable nurseries, regardless of whether you need one?! They're just so sweet! Maybe the "gray and yellow" train has passed for everyone else, but I'm still loving this neutral-yet-fun color combo. I translated it into a sweet-and-simple, two-color page. 2a8906c66292cfd3e8d92811dc6fcfcf Inspiration: From Pinterest to Page You are Adored Inspiration: From Pinterest to Page If gray and yellow aren't your thing, try applying the concept of "neutral with a pop of bright color" to another combo. Maybe beige with bright pink, or kraft with neon orange? The key to applying Pinterest inspiration to your scrapping is to carry over an idea, a color, or a theme, rather than trying to translate it literally. Have fun browsing Pinterest with new eyes, and please link up your layouts and favorite pins here!    Send article as PDF