Meet November’s featured Designer: Marieke Borgers of Designs by Romanjo

Marieke Borgers of Designs by Romanjo is the creator of this month's beautiful Gold Members Kit

Life's Symphony

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What inspired you to create this month's DST Gold Member kit?
Music has always been a great inspiration source for me. A song, the music or the words, it can all give me certain feeling I would love to translate into a kit. This time I was inspired by the song ‘Symphonies’ by Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson (find lyrics here:
This song also made me think of the saying: ‘From the concert of life, no one gets the program’, meaning so much that we don’t know what will happen in our life, so we have to make the best symphony for ourselves. And for my family that means… music. My daughter plays the violin and she loves to go ballet dancing. My husband and I love to go ballroom and latin dancing. So yes, music is one of our first loves (hey, another song…).

What is your favorite part or element of the kit?
There are several things I like in this kit. The alpha turned out great, I love the vintage kind of elements and also all the music elements and papers (paper 5 and 10 are my favorites). But what I like the most is the total feel of the kit plus the meaning behind it. I hope that the inspiration song is showing in this kit.

Where does your desinger name come from?
When our daughter was born, we were looking for a fun name for a family website. We don’t have that website anymore, but the name we picked became the nickname for my virtual life. Since my husband’s name is Robert, my own name is Marieke and our daughter’s name is Joline we named ourselves RoMaJo. And when I started designing it was stuff ‘By Romajo’, changed to ‘Designs by Romajo’ when I started selling in a shop.

Tell us about your family:
As said, we are a family of 3. My husband and daughter are the most important people in my life. I met my husband in 1994 and we started dating on April 1st. After 3.5 yrs we got engaged and 4.5 yrs later we got married. We wanted to get married on April 1, but in 2002 that happened to be Easter Monday (a holiday here in the Netherlands), so we looked for a Friday later that month. So the day before I turned 26 we said ‘Yes, I do’ to each other. In 2004 our daughter was born.
We now live in the middle of the small European country the Netherlands, near the city of Utrecht. We have a dog and cat. And both Robert and I have a job.

How long have you been designing? What program(s) do you use?
In 2003 I heard about scrapbooking for the first time through a magazine. I loved it, but when that same magazine posted something about digital scrapbooking, I got addicted to that. In 2011 I started with creating small freebies. At that time I had no clue about quality and such. I also didn’t have much experience with Photoshop at all. But I studied and learned and most important, I loved creating things. Turning an idea into a kit was really satisfying. So on our tenth wedding anniversary, I opened my first personal shop. I have switched a few times, learned even more (took some classes from a friend) and joined a few shops.

What part of designing comes easiest to you (themes, colors, papers, elements?)
I think creating alphas comes the easiest. I have used a few Photoshop actions and I love the one I have now. So easy to use. The hardest part for alphas is choosing the right font. I have a few go-to fonts for if I really can’t find something I like. After that, it is pretty easy. Pick the papers and the styles and run the action to cut and save it. How easy can a designers life be?

What part of designing is most challenging to you?
As easy as the alphas are to create, I always spend the most time on the elements. Browsing my stash to find the right pieces I want to use. But, since I am making an excel sheet with what elements I want and how many for a kit, it isn’t the biggest struggle anymore. Sometimes I put the wording for journalingcards and wordart pieces in this sheet. Or I add the file names of what I want to use, so I’ll be able to find it later. Anyway, that sheet really helps to keep me focused. Oh, and I am the kind of person that always wants her elements to be a round total (ending on a 0 or 5).

What inspires you?
Well, I think you can answer that yourself by now… Obviuosly, music is one of the biggest inspiration sources for me. I have created so many kits, because of a song I have heard.

If you’re running low on design mojo, where do you go to kickstart your creativity?
Listen to music, search for color palettes, watch videos on YouTube, go for a walk with the dog or just take a shower... If that doesn’t work, I just scrap a page (or more). Not because I have to, but because I want to.

Link us to a layout that you have seen using your work that just left you awestruck.
Here’s a page that made me think: ‘Was this created with a kit by me???’
The girl who made it is on the Plain Digital Wrapper CT and she is awesome! I so wish i could cluster like that…

Where is the farthest you have been from home?
To celebrate our 12.5 wedding anniversary we went to Walt Disney World. We have been to Disneyland Paris so many times, so I really dreamt of going to it’s big brother. For the 3 of us it was the first time going beyond the European borders. And it was our best trip ever! We had so many amazing experiences (also a few that weren’t as great as we had hoped), but the best day was when we were in 1 of the water parks. Anyway, working hard to save money so we can go back…

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