Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

Project Life for the digiscrapper Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics It's hard not to notice the Project Life concept blazing through paper, digital, and hybrid scrapbooking. Originated by Becky Higgins, it's a fabulous idea, with multiple companies now offering endless permutations on the basic theme of photos, divided page protectors, and journaling cards. I encourage you to check out Becky's web site to get an overview of the whole idea. Do you love the concept, but wonder how it works in digital format? Did you know Project Life works just as well in digital form? As usual, our community of designers have stepped up to the plate and created an amazing variety of products for the Project Life digi gal. You've probably seen these products around at pretty much every store, but I'm going to start at the beginning and, through a series of blog posts, take you through several different approaches to a digital Project Life. Whether your style is traditional, quick and easy, cluster queen, art journal-esque, or something in between, I'll show you examples, products, and ideas for how to incorporate your style into a Project Life-style digital album.

Divided Page Protectors

The basics are pretty much the same for paper and digital - you need photos, divided page protectors, and journaling cards. Today I'm just going to cover the page protectors. In digital form, these come as templates and/or overlays. You can find virtually any permutation of 4x6, 3x4, square, and other rectangle shapes, and this is just a sampling of what's out there. Check your favorite store's template section for more options! In the interest of simplicity and time, however, I recommend you choose a few basic layouts that match your most-often-used photo shapes (do you prefer square/Instagram shots, horizontal or vertical 4x6?) and try to stick with those. The fewer decisions each week, the more likely you are to stick with the program!

The Classics

These templates offer the traditional layouts introduced by Becky Higgins and the Project Life brand. Traci's pack includes the clipping masks and page protector "overlays," while the AC Digitals set includes only the templates/clipping masks.

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bh templates A J grande Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

Mixing It Up

If you want a little more variety in your pages, or you're a fan of the square format, check out some of these templates and digital page protectors that go beyond the basic designs. VW Pocketsno3 01 Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

VW Pocketsno3Templates Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

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VW PocketsNo5 Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

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Later this week we'll talk about journaling cards, the trend that swept the digital world in 2012. How do you know where to start? Do you need to use the same set all year? What size do you need? I'll answer these questions and more, and give you plenty of gorgeous product examples too.

In the meantime, do you have a favorite divided page protector-inspired template set? What's your most-used arrangement? Please share with us in the comments! 

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  • Crystal (Lukasmummy)

    I think my favourite are the Traci Reed and Cindy Schneider 6×12 Slip In Style Builders – and but I also like the free one on Amy Jaz’s facebook page – hugs Crystal xx

    • Michelle Huegel

      Thanks Crystal! 6×12 is a fun size to mix it up, or when you need extra space for a big event. And I think I could do a whole post on all the fabulous PL freebies out there!!

  • NBK-Design

    Hi Michelle . I run also a Project 365. All my Products are available in German and English. I have Weekly Templates, Monthly Templates, WordArts, Monthly Kits stuff for journaling and so on…. :-) hope to see you there at

  • Vicki I.

    I’m SO excited you’re doing this series! I’d really like to start on a digi Project Life but am overwhelmed with all of the choices. This series will be VERY helpful.

  • Banna Siyah

    Great article! I’ve been really interested in Project Life and I’m so excited to read the rest of the series.

  • Lorraine

    Just started Digi PL this year. Although I have all the templates from the Becky Higgins set I tend to use the A template the most. I think I do that intentionally as i haven’t fully made up my mind if I want to go Hybrid or not and this will keep it simple. Look forward to the rest of your posts. Thanks

  • Michelle Huegel

    I’m so glad y’all are enjoying the series! I think it’s totally fine to mix digital, hybrid, and traditional, Lorraine! You could always print your digital PL pages as 12×12 layouts and slide them in 12×12 protectors right alongside the pocket protectors with your hybrid and paper stuff. It’s all good :)

  • LouAnn

    I’m still confused. I’m a digital scrapper (used to be anyway). Life got busy and I haven’t in years. So I’m intriqued by this project life pocket scrapbooking. BUT – the digital templates… ??? Do you drop photos, journal cards, etc into the template and then print the whole template page like you would a digital scrapbook page? Then what? Stick that page in an album? If so, why even have it “look” like a pocket page? Help! I don’t get it!