Ten Moments to Capture This Week

Thursday, November 22, is Thanksgiving Day in America. For many of us, it's a day centered around family, friends, food, and football. A day when we often visit or host relatives that live far away, and enjoy precious time together. With this in mind, I've come up with a list of photo prompts to keep handy this week so you don't miss a moment. And even though it's inspired by our American holiday of Thanksgiving, I kept the wording pretty generic so this list would work great to stick in your camera bag for any family gathering, reunion, or holiday, anywhere in the world.

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  1. Decorations. Do you decorate special for the holiday? Do you prefer fancy, store-bought decorations, crafty home-made versions, or kid crafts to grace your mantel?
  2. Pre-Holiday Prep. In the days leading up, do you observe any particular traditions? Do you join the crowds at the supermarket, bake in advance, or watch a holiday movie together?
  3. Preparing the meal. Who's in the kitchen? Does one person prepare it all or do many hands chip in, bring food, and share the responsibility? What's everyone else doing while the meal is being prepared?
  4. Family Interactions. Since the holidays are often a time to see family you may not have visited with for months, be sure to document these moments. How do children react to seeing an aunt or uncle they might not remember? How about a favorite grandparent? Do the cousins all get along?
  5. Pets Are Family, Too. Do you bake your furry friend a yummy treat, or give them any special leeway for the holiday?
  6. The Table. Don't forget the iconic tablescape shots and that "hungry family waiting impatiently to dig in" shot. You might have to be quick with the shutter button for these, and get as many in advance of the table, the finished food, etc. before calling hungry people to a laden table. Also, keep your camera handy for a few snapshots during the meal. No one likes a mid-bite photo, but you may capture a precious shot of Grandpa bending over to listen to a little boy's chatter, or Auntie serving potatoes with a smile.
  7. The Aftermath. As a fun comparison shot, photograph the table once everyone's left. Snap a picture of whoever got stuck with dish duty with their arms covered in suds. Photograph the pile of neatly packaged-up leftovers.
  8. The Rest of the Day. Thanksgiving, and any other given holiday, often centers around the big shared meal, but the day isn't over once the food is eaten and cleaned up. What does your family do the rest of the day? Are you football fanatics, or do you head outside for a walk or gather back around the table for a card game? Document your family's choice of afternoon activity, including whoever falls asleep in their chair!
  9. Your Unique Traditions. Don't say you don't have any - every family has their own special ways of doing things. Even if it doesn't seem particularly special or important to you, your children and grandchildren may find it fascinating when they get older.
  10. The Goodbyes. Gather everyone together for a fun group shot before heading home. Keep it quick and lighthearted for the sake of tired, cranky children.
Bonus number 11: Get yourself in the photo! I can't stress this enough! Hand off your camera, use the timer, hold it out in front of you - whatever you need to do, make sure your role in the festivities is accurately documented, too. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!
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