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Project Life Series: Clean and Simple

Project-Life-for-the-digiscrapper-clean-and-simpleJournal card from Everyday Essentials Mega Journal Pack by Amy Jaz Today marks a turning point in my Project Life series. We've covered the basics, with posts about divided page protectors, journaling cards, and what to include/how to track it all. I appreciate all your feedback on this series, and if you haven't yet, be sure […]

Project Life Series, Part One: The Basics

Project-Life-for-the-digiscrapperIt's hard not to notice the Project Life concept blazing through paper, digital, and hybrid scrapbooking. Originated by Becky Higgins, it's a fabulous idea, with multiple companies now offering endless permutations on the basic theme of photos, divided page protectors, and journaling cards. I encourage you to check out Becky's web site to get an […]

Christmas Newsletters: Get Inspired

year in review photo card from mintedIt's that time of year again--holiday newsletters and greeting cards fill our mailboxes and inboxes as friends and family members rush to share the joy and happiness of the season. I love sending Christmas cards and newsletters each year and even more, I relish getting them in the mail (both snail-mail and email)! Tired of […]

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling FontsThis is the third article in an occasional series on the principles of layout design. In my previous articles on the principles of page design, I've focused on odd numbers and creating a focal point. Now, it's time to turn your attention to journaling font selection and text design. Next to the photos, journaling is […]

Trendspotting: Triangles

Triangles, triangles, trianglesDo you feel like you're back in high school geometry? Circles, squares, diamonds, chevron, hexagons, and now triangles! These simple three-sided shapes are the big up and coming rage in both paper and digital scrapbooking. Of course, triangular-shaped pennants have captured our creative interest for quite some time, but triangles are finally being recognized as […]

Principles of Page Design: Creating a Focal Point

Principles of Page Design: Creating a Focal PointJust like all well-arranged rooms, scrapbook layouts need a focal point, one object that draws in the viewer’s attention and shares the message of the page. That's why creating a focal point is an important principle of page design. If you think about it, building a focal point into a scrapbook page makes sense: drawing […]

Help with Hexagons

Help with HexagonsI'm sure you've noticed that hexagons are the hottest craze in scrapbooking since chevron. These geometric beauties combine the best of both design worlds - a circular shape with straight lines. But they can be a bit difficult to work with sometimes, since they straddle the line between a circle and square. After playing around […]

Principles of Page Design: Odd Numbers

Principles of Page Design: Odd NumbersThis is the first in an occasional series about principles of design aimed at helping you build your scrapping skills. Today’s post is all about using odd numbers of elements and photos in your layouts. When I was a young girl, my artist grandmother taught me a little about her craft. And, although I am […]

Software Quick Tip: Make Your Own Rule of Thirds Grids in PS, PSE9+ and PSP

PSE Rule of Thrids GridThe first principle of composition that most of us learn is the Rule of Thirds. This rule says that when you divide a page into thirds both horizontally and vertically, you should place the things you want the most emphasis on along one of the lines or at the intersection of two lines. Most of […]

Perfecting Page Design: Where To Get Help

msdlogoFor many scrapbookers, creating an attractive, visually appealing layout can be frustrating. Maybe you've never had any formal art classes or you just don't have that special knack for knowing how to make things 'look good.' You are not alone; page design is one of the biggest challenges for scrapbookers, both digital and traditional. Many […]