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Holiday Photo Tips Roundup

holiday photography imageThe days seem to be flying by faster and faster! My boys' advent calendar "bags" are disappearing rapidly. As Christmas approaches, I'm thinking about what memories I still want to capture. I thought you all might also benefit from my research into holiday photo tips and tutorials. So here we go, a roundup of holiday-centered […]

December Photo a Day Prompts

FatMumSlim Dec PhotoadayWhether you're doing December Daily, Document Your December, Journal Your Christmas, Project Life, another variation of a holiday project, or just want to capture all the special events and activities this month for later scrapping, having a list of ideas can be a great inspirational starting point. I've rounded up photo lists from several places […]

Ten Moments to Capture This Week

be thankful todayThursday, November 22, is Thanksgiving Day in America. For many of us, it's a day centered around family, friends, food, and football. A day when we often visit or host relatives that live far away, and enjoy precious time together. With this in mind, I've come up with a list of photo prompts to keep […]

Get Shallow Depth of Field without a DSLR

cookiesEveryone loves these photos: You know, where the foreground and background are blurry, but a portion of the photo is in focus. That is called "shallow depth of field (DOF)" because the area that's in focus is shallow or small. How to achieve this look is the first question we get from our photography students […]

What’s on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?

What's on your scrapbooking bucket list?Ever since I started formally scrapbooking the digital way in 2006, I've wanted to get better. Often, I see layouts and other digital works of art and say to myself, "Someday, I want to do that!" As the list of things to try grew, I decided to write my own digital-scrapbooking bucket list: a compilation […]

Photography Tips: Controlling Light for Better Pictures

Photography Tips: Controlling Light for Better PicturesGood lighting can turn a photo from a ho-hum snapshot into a wall-worthy work of art! What can you do to make sure you have good lighting on every shot? Here are our best tips and tricks for improving the lighting in your photos: Indoors Good lighting can be a challenge indoors.  Usually you are […]

About Face: Replacing Faces in Photos with Miss Behaving Workshops

About Face:  Replacing Faces in Photos with Miss Behaving WorkshopsIn my previous tutorial, I showed you how to combine two photos together to get the pose you want.  Now, I'm going to show you how to use the same technique to change FACES on your photos!  Be honest with me. How many photos do you have where your child is looking the wrong way?  […]

How to Get That Perfect Shot…or Make Your Own with MissBehaving Workshops

How to Get That Perfect Shot...or Make Your Own with MissBehaving WorkshopsGetting the perfect shot is as elusive as the tooth fairy.   I would love to tell you that every time I ask  my daughter Morgan to pose for me that she is always a cooperative and eager participant...   Hahaha … wiping tears of mirth from my eyes. This post’s title would be more suitably […]

Making a List? Fun Photography Gift Ideas!

Making a List? Fun Photo Gift Ideas!Got a shutterbug in the family? Making a wish list for yourself? You'll want to take a look at all the fun photography-themed gift ideas we found for you! Jill-e E-go Laptop Satchel Purse This great multi-tasking bag lets you have all your gear and take it with you. Holds a laptop, DSLR and one […]

Say Cheese: Five Steps to Great Group Photos

Say Cheese:  Five Steps to Great Group PhotosI often tell my students in both our on-line classes and in our community-college classes that you have to happily embrace the role within your family as “the one with the nice camera” or “the one who takes such good pictures,” because you will inevitably be called upon at family functions to be the one […]