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Product Review: Argus Preset Viewer

SWATCHES600I confess, I'm a hoarder. Sure, it was worse when I paper scrapped, but now I have an ever-larger series of hard drives stuffed with papers, elements, fonts, styles, and more! And just like my closets at home, it can be impossible to find anything. Especially for the preset files: brushes, styles, shapes, patterns, gradients, […]

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling FontsThis is the third article in an occasional series on the principles of layout design. In my previous articles on the principles of page design, I've focused on odd numbers and creating a focal point. Now, it's time to turn your attention to journaling font selection and text design. Next to the photos, journaling is […]

Five Things to Do with your ALT Key in Photoshop and Elements

ALT0500Many years ago I had an instructor who taught me to use Photoshop with my left hand on the keyboard and my right hand on the mouse or pen. I resisted it for a long time, but by keeping one hand on the keyboard you can take advantage of all kinds of shortcuts that are […]

Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

SummerBreeze18Editor's Note: When I saw MommaHarvey's amazing layout that won the July Gold Member challenge, I knew I was going to have to try to scraplift it. And though I thought I had an idea how she did it, I sent her a PM and she graciously offered to write us a tutorial!    Send […]

Make your own Alpha: Puddles

Puddle2I don't often use alphas, but sometimes a layout just calls out for a special look. I wanted a watery look for this layout, but didn't have anything in my stash - so I made my own! Here's how you can make this liquid look quickly and easily for yourself.    Send article as PDF […]

Photo Strips: Make Your Own

Photo Strips: Make Your OwnYou've seen photo booths popping up at weddings, family reunions, and amusement parks. Now, bring the fun of a photo booth to your scrapbook layouts by making your own photo strips! Photo strips are a perfect way to put lots of photos on a page without compromising your page design.    Send article as PDF […]

Custom Backgrounds: Blend Papers with Brushes

blendpapers1I'm a paper nut. Sure, I like a kit with fun elements, but I love papers more. But even in my huge paper stash, sometimes I can't find exactly what I want. So I've come up with a simple system for taking two papers and combining them using my digital brushes.    Send article as […]

Photoshop: Must-Do Preferences for Easy Scrapping

Prefs1If you're new to Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements), or if you've recently upgraded to a newer version, there are a few settings you're going to want to look at before you get started. Some are settings you set and forgot so long ago you don't remember what you did, and others are newer options that […]

Hot Product Spotlight: Insta-Style Without Instagram

Instagram vs Action copyDid you all catch Neisha's awesome post last week about using Instagram photos on your scrapbook pages? She shared a long list of great reasons to use Instagram photos on layouts, and many members shared beautiful layouts in her forum post here. So this got me thinking: what if you don't own an iPhone or […]

Use Instagram Photos on Your Scrapbook Pages

My garden by Neisha Sykes. Edited in Instagram.I love Instagram! This popular (and free!) photography, photo-manipulation, and sharing app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It's easily the most used app on my phone, and I use it to capture quick pictures of my family when I don't have my DSLR around. Plus, after I've snapped a photo, Instagram lets […]