Enhance Your Layouts with QR Codes

Enhance Your Layouts with QR CodesNo Training Wheels! by Neisha Sykes (lavendar) Here’s a new and exciting way to add videos and other interactive content to your layouts: QR codes! QR (Quick Response) codes are those funny-looking square barcodes you see in magazines and on packaging. When you scan one with your electronic device, such as a smartphone with a […]

Scrapping Holiday Videos? Yes, You Can! New Tools for Saving Your Memories

Scrap Your Videos?  Yes You Can!Take a lot of videos during the holidays? Need a unique digital gift? Why not try a video scrapbook layout?  Video scrapbook layouts can be played on your computer, your iphone, ipad and other similar devices.  Now, with new software and online programs you can scrap beyond a flat layout and create scrapbook videos as […]