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Tutorial: Altering Wordart

altering your word artI love to use word art on my page. Whether fun, fancy, or beautifully handwritten, designer-created word art saves time and adds a polished look to any page. However, I often find that the bit of word art I want to use doesn't perfectly fit on my page. Maybe it's designed horizontally, but I want […]

Spell It Out for Me!

This is just tooooo cool!! I love this look, each letter from a different photo. It's a lot of work to do by hand, of course, even if you have the right photos. But I found a cool new way to do this, check it out...    Send article as PDF   

Try These 16 Handwritten Fonts for Journaling

Try These 16 Handwritten Fonts for JournalingThis is the final article in my series on Selecting Journaling Fonts.  In case you missed the first four articles, you can go back and read them here: Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts, Serif Fonts, Sans Serif Fonts, Script Fonts. Handwritten fonts often give the most personal touch to a layout. They help […]

Quick Tip – What a Character!

character1_thumbI’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, and occasionally have need for unusual characters. Things like © ¢ ¼ ° all come in handy from time to time! Not all fonts have these characters, but the good basic fonts that come with your computer will. Figuring out how to print them is another matter! […]

Try These 16 Script Fonts for Journaling

hiatusThis is my third post featuring some of my favorite fonts for journaling on scrapbook layouts. This time, I'll share some--but definitely not all--of my favorite script fonts. If you are looking for serif or sans-serif fonts for journaling or text, check out my previous posts. And if you want tips on selecting journaling fonts […]

Try these 14 Sleek Sans Serif Fonts for Journaling

Try these 14 Sleek Sans Serif Fonts for JournalingIn a recent post, Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts, I wrote about how to pick the right fonts for layout journaling. Then, I posted sixteen of my favorite serif fonts for text. This post will link you up with some of my favorite sans-serif (without little hooks on the letters) fonts for journaling. […]

Try these 16 Great Serif Journaling Fonts

Try these 16 Great Serif Journaling FontsIn my previous post, Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts, I explained some principles for selecting journaling fonts and for designing journaling on your scrapbook layouts. I promised to follow up with a post linking you to some of my favorite journaling fonts. This hasn't been an easy task! After all, I am almost […]

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling Fonts

Principles of Page Design: Selecting Journaling FontsThis is the third article in an occasional series on the principles of layout design. In my previous articles on the principles of page design, I've focused on odd numbers and creating a focal point. Now, it's time to turn your attention to journaling font selection and text design. Next to the photos, journaling is […]

Try These 14 Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

14 Free Hand-Drawn FontsNothing helps you tell your story like a good font! Lately, I've noticed fabulous hand-drawn lettering everywhere and was inspired to track down 14 free hand-drawn fonts for you. Hand-drawn fonts go beyond the traditional handwriting fonts we all use for journaling. They feature unique letters and lean more towards artistic lettering, sketching, or doodling […]

Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait with Words

SamWords600A picture can say a thousand words, and with Photoshop I mean that literally! Sometimes you have photos that aren't quite sharp enough to use, or the color is off, or whatever, but you like the pose or expression. The technique I used to create the layout of my daughter above is a great way […]