Product Review: Argus Preset Viewer

SWATCHES600I confess, I'm a hoarder. Sure, it was worse when I paper scrapped, but now I have an ever-larger series of hard drives stuffed with papers, elements, fonts, styles, and more! And just like my closets at home, it can be impossible to find anything. Especially for the preset files: brushes, styles, shapes, patterns, gradients, […]

Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Adjusting Color the Easy Way

skintone2I thought I was seeing things... a little blue man! But no, it was just a photo with a bad blue color cast. Color cast can happen to a photo when the white balance gets out of whack. This can happen because of reflected light,or because of a light source with a distinct color (ever […]

Use Instagram Photos on Your Scrapbook Pages

My garden by Neisha Sykes. Edited in Instagram.I love Instagram! This popular (and free!) photography, photo-manipulation, and sharing app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It's easily the most used app on my phone, and I use it to capture quick pictures of my family when I don't have my DSLR around. Plus, after I've snapped a photo, Instagram lets […]

Software Review: MySpeed Takes Control of your Time

videotut3There's always something new to learn in digital scrapbooking, and a software-specific tutorial is just the way to get me to scrap a page that's outside my normal style. There are plenty of places you can find them, and more and more people are putting them out on YouTube. Unfortunately, I hate video tutorials because […]