Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

197595502371094726 L6mAVEXX f Trendy Tutorial: OmbreIf you're a Pinterest-a-holic like I am, you've undoubtedly seen countless gorgeous gradated color images, like the one you probably can't stop staring at on the right. Did you know that's called the "ombre effect"? "Ombre" means a gradation of color from light to dark. With any cool trend, especially one involving color, my first thought is "how can I apply this to digital scrapbooking?" The answer? A few clicks of the mouse, of course! Read on for a quick and easy tutorial for creating your own custom ombre effect, as well as a couple of products I found to enable your new ombre addiction! To create a cool ombre-style background for your next scrapbook layout, start by choosing your paper. I chose this awesome red chevron paper from Amy Martin's new pack, Almost Summer Chevies.

alb almostsummerchevies11 300x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

Now create a new layer (Shift-Ctrl-N) and select the Gradient Tool (look for a little rectangle graduated in color from white to black, in the same place as the Paint Bucket tool). Make sure the foreground-to-transparent option is selected from the drop-down menu and white is selected as your foreground color. Your screen should look about like this now:

Ombre screen shot 2 1024x555 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

Now you're ready to ombre!

Click and drag your mouse from the top to bottom of your paper (be sure to hold the mouse button down the whole way). This will create a gradation of color from dark at the top to light at the bottom. If you want the reverse, just click and drag from bottom to top instead.

Now adjust the opacity of the ombre layer to your liking. I went with 70%, but it depends on your paper and how dramatic you want the effect to be. Here's the finished paper, and a quick layout I whipped up showing it off:

alb almostsummerchevies11 ombre 2 300x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

Can we go now  300x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

And, just to give you an idea of the cool things you can do with this technique, here's a digital stamp from Captivated Visions' Everyone Has a Story element pack that I added some subtle ombre love to - can't wait to use it on a layout!

cvisions ep rubon01 copy ombre 300x262 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

Need a quick ombre fix? Here's a few products I found around digi-land that make adding this fun new trend to your pages super simple. If you need more help creating your own ombre effect, feel free to post a comment here and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

My tutorial was adapted and simplified from this blog post by Erica of Crashnotes. Also, check out Audrey Neal's ombre tutorial - she uses a slightly different process to achieve similar results.

PP438504 300x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

ombre chevron 281x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

786af47a7f6f51c600312b9ec0dd49d1.image .342x365 281x300 Trendy Tutorial: Ombre

I hope you're inspired to try out this hot new fashion trend in your digital layouts now! Please share a link here if you do. I'd love to see your pages!    Send article as PDF   
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    I love this, Michelle! Can’t wait to use your tut in a project!

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    I love this effect especially hues close on the color wheel.

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    THANK you for the tutorial on how to do this! I had no idea it was so easy.


    Thank you wonder how that was done.

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    That effect is fab! Thank you very much!!! :)