Tutorial: Altering Wordart

altering your word art 300x173 Tutorial: Altering Wordart I love to use word art on my page. Whether fun, fancy, or beautifully handwritten, designer-created word art saves time and adds a polished look to any page. However, I often find that the bit of word art I want to use doesn't perfectly fit on my page. Maybe it's designed horizontally, but I want to use it in a vertical spot. Sometimes I like parts from two different word arts in a kit and want to combine them. Or a word is singular when I need plural, or vice-versa. I've developed a few easy tricks to make word art work for me - and it's still quicker and easier than creating my own from scratch!

1. Select and Move

This is the technique I use most often to adjust a simple, straightforward piece of word art. This works best on styles without lots of fancy swirls, looping letters, etc. Start by using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (or the Polygonal Lasso Tool if it's not a nice, neat rectangular selection area) to choose the bit of word art you want to rearrange. Cut and move Tutorial: Altering Wordart Once you have the selected part moved where you want it, hit Ctrl>D to deselect your selection. Repeat as needed. In this example, I performed two of these "select and move" sequences to get my word art arranged just so. With this method, your word art will stay on the same layer. If you prefer individually adjustable portions, then after you use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to grab your selection, go to Layer>New>Layer Via Cut. This will "cut" your selection and place it on a new layer. Here's my finished piece (word art from Mye de Leon's Barely Stamped kit): be yourself word art adjusted 300x70 Tutorial: Altering Wordart

2. Selectively Erase

Go for the eraser when you only want a certain section of a word art, when you need to erase an errant loop after using the above select-and-move method, or to turn a plural word singular by erasing the "s." In my example, I loved the font and styling of the word epic in this word art, but the phrase didn't fit with my page. So after positioning it, I simply erased everything but the "epic" part, then used a similar font to type in my own words. Original word art (from Epic by Paislee Press and One Little Bird): paislee epic wa epicday 300x24 Tutorial: Altering Wordart Finished layout: Riah One Year Tutorial: Altering Wordart This next example was a little more complicated. First I selected "For You..." and created a new layer via copy. I used the eraser tool to "clean up" the extra loops, then used the eraser on the original word art layer to erase the "For You" portion before adding in the leaf and buttons. (original word art from The Laurel elements by Rebecca Wagler)

erasing word art before and after 300x225 Tutorial: Altering Wordart

3. Add To It

Adding to word art is an excellent way to weave it right into your journaling and story. For this example, I integrated a couple pieces of word art (the bear with "strength" and the "I do love you" tape) into my journaling simply by adding a few extra words. Original word art (from Bear Necessities by Sissy Sparrows): original word art bear 300x253 Tutorial: Altering Wordart Finished layout: That which does not kill us web1 Tutorial: Altering Wordart Another great way to customize word art is by replacing part of your journaling with the word strips or doodled words included in a kit. This technique breaks up a larger block of text, adding interest and emphasizing important words and phrases. Don't feel limited to the exact words/phrases in a kit, though - you can always trim letters or words off the beginning or end of a word strip, rearrange words, and more. Bonus ideas for altering word art:
  • Recolor all or part of a phrase. One way to do this is to select the portion you wish to recolor, create a new layer via cut like we did above, and then apply a Color Overlay layer style.
  • Duplicate a piece of word art multiple times and arrange them in a kind of "cloud" in varying opacities
  • Instead of erasing, cover up unwanted words with flowers, buttons, or other elements - quick and easy!
Of course I can't let you go without sharing a few fun word art packs, right? As digital scrappers, we have an incredibly wide variety of word art styles available to us. If you have a favorite set, please share in the comments! paislee writersblocks prv Tutorial: Altering Wordart kfredricks underground fall preview Tutorial: Altering Wordart

em lbw wjf preview Tutorial: Altering Wordart

spookilicious pvw wa Tutorial: Altering Wordart

karladudley DHD berenstain collection blog Tutorial: Altering Wordart

Happy scrapping this weekend! You might want to check back here frequently over the next week, as we will be bringing you a week's worth of {international} Digital Scrapbook Day-related posts leading up to the big day, next Saturday November 3!

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