Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

SummerBreeze18 300x300 Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

Editor's Note: When I saw MommaHarvey's amazing layout that won the July Gold Member challenge, I knew I was going to have to try to scraplift it. And though I thought I had an idea how she did it, I sent her a PM and she graciously offered to write us a tutorial! This is outside the norms of typical scrapbooking or art journaling, but, I wanted to pull some of my favorite aspects of both areas into one layout. This type of layout will use a photo in the beginning as a template and will end up being a layout created by several different papers, LOTS of doodling, and finishing up with some word art and elements. Let’s get started. Step 1)  Find a picture and extract the subject from the background.
  • You don’t have to be too careful here, as, the photo will only be a template and you won’t see it in the end.
  • Size and place the photo where you want it.
  • LOCK the layer. You don’t want it moving OR resizing by accident while you create your layers. [To lock a layer in Photoshop and Elements, click on the little padlock in the layers panel. This will keep you from being able to move anything on that layer. - Ed.]

DoodlePort1 300x240 Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

Step 2)  Doodle over the photo.

  • Create a new layer on top of the photo layer. You will want to zoom in on the face so you can capture all the features. The Hair and other areas are not as important in detail. If you trace the face closely, you will still be able to tell who the subject is once the original photo is gone.
  •  Set your brush size. I try not to get too thin or two thick, but, it will all depend on how big you resize your picture to be. You can always test out several sizes before you do all your tracing.
  • Set your Hardness at 100%. I typically trace faces with a dark navy blue. Black is too dark for my taste.  You can have LOTS of fun with colors on all the other areas!

DoodlePort2 300x240 Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

Step 3) Hide the doodle layer.

  • Once you have all your tracing (doodling) finished, hide that layer.  You will now be cutting out paper for the different areas of the photo. Once your paper is all cut out and layered, you can turn your doodling layer back on. If you missed tracing areas of the photo, don’t worry, you can always go back to the doodle layer and add more.  JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOODLING ON THE DOODLE LAYER! It’s hard to fix any mistakes if you accidentally doodle on the paper layers. Just sayin'.

Step 4)  Add your papers.

  • Look at the different areas of the subject. Look at their hair, their face, any other items in the photos that would be a different color or pattern of paper.
  • Find all the different papers you want to use for these and open them in your design program. If you are pulling them from different kits, if you open them and look at them all together, you can decide if they are the choices you want to use. Once you have chosen a paper for each area, go ahead and minimize them all.
  • Decide which section you need to create first. Think about the subject in layers. In my layout, the little girl’s skin is the obvious first layer. Everything else is on top of her skin.
  • Use the lasso tool and traced around the outside of her skin area. Don’t get too caught up in perfection. This is supposed to have an artsy feel… not a realistic feel.
  • Drag your selection (still using the lasso tool) over to the paper you want to use. Once the selection is on the paper, control-copy (CTRL C).
  •  Click on your layout and control-paste (CTRL V).  Make sure this layer is UNDER the doodling layer.
  • Continue doing this with all the different areas of the subject, using a different paper for each section. You may need to turn each layer off and back on to create other pieces and to make sure you are layering correctly.

DoodlePort3 Tutorial: Doodle Portrait

  • You can see that I didn’t trace perfectly. It’s ok. The doodling will make up for the gaps in between the paper pieces.
Step 5)  Turn your doodles back on and turn the original photo off! DoodlePort4 300x240 Tutorial: Doodle Portrait Step 6)  Finish your layout.
  • You can pick the perfect background paper (in my case, two papers blended together).
  • Place your title or word art.
  • Throw in elements! I included a leaf branch in her hair along with a flower and little hearts that were put in between the different layers of paper and doodling so they looked like they were blowing though her hair. I put pieces of clipped paper around the edges along with some fun elements.
  • I finished up by filling up some the blank space on the bottom with journaling.
I hope this encourages you to go a little outside the realm of traditional scrapbooking and create some unique layouts that are ALL your own! I can’t wait to see some, be sure to post in the gallery and post a link in the comments! LeslieHarveyAvatar 150x150 Tutorial: Doodle PortraitLeslie Harvey is a Believer, a Wife of 8 years, a Mother to a toddler, a Marketer by trade, and a Designer in everything thing she does. Find her blog at www.momma-harvey.com.  
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  • http://www.sbpoet.com sbpoet

    No wonder I couldn’t figure out how you do this! Thank you for sharing your skills, and your art.

    • http://www.sbpoet.com sbpoet

      oops, this is addressed to Leslie!

      • http://www.momma-harvey.com Leslie

        No Problem-o! Glad to help! can’t wait to see what you create sbpoet! :D

  • http://www.dodiegonzales.blogspot.com Edna

    WOW. Thanks for this tutorial. I’ll give a try very soon.

  • Maggie

    I took my scraplift in a totally different direction once I started scrapping the actual layout. I like my doodle as a sketch: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1644287&cat=500

    • Jennifer White

      What a beautiful doodle! I love the color too! I agree, nothing would have been gained by adding the papers. Good job!

    • http://www.momma-harvey.com Leslie

      This is great! great job on making it your own style!

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    fantastic! Thank you for this – I’m learning CS6 after using PSE for 3 years, and this is going to be so interesting and fun to try out :) I love to learn!! Thank you! xxx

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