What’s on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?

red bucket 300x252 Whats on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?Ever since I started formally scrapbooking the digital way in 2006, I've wanted to get better. Often, I see layouts and other digital works of art and say to myself, "Someday, I want to do that!" As the list of things to try grew, I decided to write my own digital-scrapbooking bucket list: a compilation of all those ideas and projects that I want to do, sooner or later, as my software skills increase.

Have you found yourself doing the same thing? What projects and goals are on your bucket list? Here are some of mine (complete, in progress, and yet to do) and some resources I've found to help me cross them off the list: Take a scrapping class: Build your scrapbooking skills with classes at sites like Jessica Sprague, Digital Scrapbooking Classes, Hummie's World, Digital Scrapbook University , Scrapper's Guide, Digital Scrapbooking HQ, and Scrapper's Workshop. Participate in scrapbook challenges: I enjoy the process of creating a page for a challenge. Most digital-scrapbook sites offer challenges. Here are just a few to get you started: Scrapbook-Bytes.com, DST Golden Ticket Challenge, DST Gold Member Challenge, MScraps, and OScraps. As a bonus for participating in challenges, many shops also offer points that add up to discounts in the store. Do a heritage page: Scan a few of those old black-and-white photographs and put together a heritage-themed layout. Check out these articles and adapt as necessary for your page: Heritage Scrapbook Ideas and Heritage Journaling Ideas. Take a portrait, action shot, and night shot: Nothing improves a layout like a good photo. Learn to use your camera by taking a variety of shots in different situations. Google photography tutorials and you'll find thousands of links. Scrap in a different layout shape or size: I'm traditionally a 12x12-inch scrapper, but I've enjoyed switching it up to include 8x8, 6x4, and 5x7-inch projects. Make something hybrid: Nothing helps me feel more creative than holding something I've made in my hands.  That's one of the joys of hybrid projects. One great place to find hybrid inspiration is The Hybrid Chick blog. Try actions in PSE/Photoshop: Actions make repetitive tasks so much easier! Learn how to master these software shortcuts here: Actions 101 for Digital Scrapbookers. Put together a photo book: Bring digital to life with a photo book!  Upload your layouts for a fast and easy gift or design one for a specific event or around a theme. You'll get high-quality photo books from these companies: Shutterfly, Winkflash, Persnickety Prints, and Viovio. Complete a Project 365 or 52 photography challenge: Documenting your life with daily or weekly photographs makes memory-keeping easy! Participate regularly on a creative team: Nothing stretches your creativity more than building layouts from one specific kit on a deadline for a designer. Check out the DST Forum for creative team openings or email your favorite designer for information on how to join her team. The free products are a great reward for scrapbooking! Make some word art: Learn the basics here: Create Your Own Digital Word Art in Photoshop CS and Elements. Become active in a digital-scrapbooking forum: Build friendships and network in our community by creating an account and actively participating in a forum. Most stores have forums so pick your favorite and start there! Learn to use a DSLR camera and take it off Auto: After purchasing my DSLR, I dove right in without knowing what I was doing. A community class in photography really helped me get my head above water and greatly improved my understanding of my camera. Teach a friend how to digital scrapbook: Nothing is more rewarding than sharing your passion with a friend. Offer help to others online or put together a mini-class on digital scrapbooking for your real-life friends.

2011 card 2 Whats on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?Christmas 2011 card by Neisha Sykes.

Make photo Christmas cards: Apply what you've learned to projects other than scrapbooking. One fun place to start is to design your own photo cards. I've done this for several years with ever-improving results. Check out this year's card and a Photoshop tutorial as well on my blog. Create a home decor project with a scrapbook layout: Enhance your home by taking a layout off your hard-drive and putting it on your wall! Try framing layouts in 12x12-inch frames or hanging them from clips on a bulletin board or magnet board. Do a fantasy page: This style of scrapping fascinates me! I greatly improved my software and scrapping skills when I took this Welcome to Fantasy-Style Layouts by Miss Behaving Workshops. It was worth every penny!

don t bug me for web Whats on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?One of my fantasy pages: Don't Bug Me by Neisha Sykes

Make an art journal: I often scrap the members of my family and neglect myself. Working on an art journal would remedy this deficit and help me improve my creativity. Read You Can Art Journal: Art Journaling 101 for details. Design some fabric: I love fabric and holding a piece of my very own cotton print is thrilling! Open an account at Spoonflower, upload your custom design, have it printed, and even sell it in the Spoonflower Marketplace to make some extra cash. Create your own kit: Whether you plan on marketing your designs or not, hone your creativity by building a custom kit. Scan the huge variety of commercial use products and tools out there and snag a couple to help you as you learn to make a kit. Get published: Put your work out there for others to see! Use Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, and scrapbooking galleries to gain exposure. Then, check out the DST Forum's Calls section for publication leads.

storybook cover Whats on Your Digital Scrapbooking Bucket List?The first story book I wrote and designed: Jane and Juliana by Neisha Sykes.

Write a storybook: My children love their personalized stories and I enjoy the process of writing and designing them. Give one a try! My favorite source for storybook elements is Studio Lorie. Put together a family history book for publication: The biggest project I've worked on during the past year. Using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, I've nearly finished scanning photos, laying out, and editing my dear grandmother's life story. I'm having it published in hardcover for my extended family by BYU Print and Mail this summer. They offer fabulous quality and prices and by doing all the design work myself, I've saved a bundle and really learned a lot about my software! Your scrapbooking bucket list is probably different from mine and it should be. And, if you haven't created one yet, why not do it now? You might find yourself more motivated to learn, complete projects, and increase your creativity. I've been amazed at how much I have accomplished and can't wait to see how far I can go! Share your scrapbooking bucket list with us in this thread in the forum.
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