Winter Get Together Week 2 - No Reimer Reason

Jan 12, 2014 #1

Week 2

Multi-Photo Challenge by No Reimer Reason

Welcome to the Multi-Photo Challenge! There is really only one rule to play this challenge: Submit a NEW layout using at least THREE unique photos on a single page.

I do have a free template you can download on my website here if you'd like motivation or need inspiration. It comes in a 12x12 and an 8.5x11 version. NOTE: You do NOT have to use this template for this challenge. It is a free gift.

Everyone who completes this challenge will also receive an additional free template for playing along. It also comes in a 12x12 and an 8.5x11 version.

Thanks for playing! I look forward seeing to your layouts!

Amber Reimer (aka No Reimer Reason)

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Jan 12, 2014 #2

I am so excited to see the layouts you create for the Multi-Photo Challenge this week! Multi-Photo layouts are my absolute favorites. Probably because I have SO MANY photos that need scrapping all the time. :lol

Here are my two layouts that I used to create the templates for this challenge.

Can't wait to see yours!

Jan 12, 2014 #3

The big question is... Did they find any gold????? :yahoo

Jan 12, 2014 #4

You did a fab job on them!!!!

Jan 12, 2014 #5

Just some little gold flakes. But my daughter found lots of fun rocks, which she enjoyed as well. :)

Jan 12, 2014 #6

wouldn't have that been awesome to find a big piece of gold!! :smurf

Jan 12, 2014 #7

Wow, that is a fun template. Thanks....

I can now upload to the Winter Get Together gallery.... Yea!
Here is the link to this layout: ... &cat=10485
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Jan 12, 2014 #8

great layout!

Jan 12, 2014 #9

Bright Eyes - you are fast! Love the layout and those horse and belt embellishments - they have a nice southwest feel. :clap

Jan 12, 2014 #10

Love the template, thank you for this challenge.

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